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March 17
New Chinese and Japanese Kites

A couple of weeks back, we began to test market imported Dragon Kites from Weifang. We were so pleased with the quality and the response that we've decided to make them a permanent part of our GKPI program. Order before the end of April and we'll take 10% off list prices. And if you are an AKA member, we'll take 10% off that!

We now have access to three sizes of traditional Dragons.

  • The smaller Dragon is 25 feet long with a head that is 10 x 7 x 6 inches. Your cost is $149.
  • The medium Dragon is 60 feet long with a head that is 20 x 20 x 19 inches. Your cost is $370.
  • The big Dragon is 100 feet long with a head that is 27 x 36 x 24 inches. Your cost is $790.

We've just taken delivery on several smaller and medium sized pieces. The "medium" is the one I'm holding here so just imagine how big the large is!

Dragon Kite
Medium Dragon - $370

Dragon Kite Frame

The detail and craftsmanship of these kites is almost unimaginable. Each section is hand crafted from split bamboo, shaped over an open flame, and then covered with raw silk. The silk is then painted in the traditional motif made famous in Weifang, the center of kiting in China.

For more details, check our our new Dragon Kite Pages.

We've also just taken delivery on kites from our friend, Japanese kitemaster Mikio Toki. The finished size, with spars and bridle, is 15 x 21 inches. Colors are stunning.

Normally these pieces cost about $90, but by special arrangement, (and thanks to a terrible exchange rate for the Japanese) we have them available now for just $60 each or all five for $250. And again, order before the end of the month and we'll take another 10% off.

Click on the image for a larger view.

Watonai Wave Daruma Suke Roku Wave and Crane

Watonai ----- Wave ----- Daruma ----- Suke Roku ----- Wave and Crane

For more information on the stories behind these designs, visit our Japanese Kite Art pages.

Wide Eyed Bear!

The Blue Bear we previewed last week is our first GKPI production sample. Prices are dropping to $1250 on the Mid-Bear. We'll be making a few changes to the next model -- especially in the eyes -- but if you want a unique, wide-eyed teddy, you can buy this model from us today for $1000 even. And no smart remarks about why he is so wide-eyed in this photo.


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