Please Note: We will be traveling the last two weeks of April and beginning of May. We'll be checking email and phone messages but won't be able to ship packages after the 15th. If you are thinking about a new addition, please help us plan ahead.

March 24
More New Tubes and More Discounts Too!

We've got another brand new, eye-popping tube for you! Nothing like it in the sky!! And to celebrate our April trips, if you buy any of our tube tail designs before the end of March, we'll drop the price an additional 20%. Just remember to say you saw this offer in the Weekly Update.

Here's the New Arrival -- Transition Tubes:

Check these out! The color emphasis changes over the length of the tube for a stunning effect in the sky. Think of it as a kinda patchwork, art-deco, eye-popping piece of fun.

Transition Tubes Transition Tubes Transition Tubes

Transition Tubes are similar in design to our flat Transition Tails. But with a tube you get a more flowing and hypnotic effect. Each tube is made from three complimentary colors and contains over 250 pieces of fabric.

"Tran Tubes" come in three sizes. The standard forty-eight footer is $75 Temporary Update Price $60. We also make a big ninety-six foot tube for $140 Temporary Update Price $112. Our you can get the "micros" in sets of three for $75 Temporary Update Price $60.

All Transition Tubes are made-to-order and take about two weeks. Let us know what colors you want, or let us help you accent a larger delta or lifter.
Licensed & Protected Design by S. Oswald

Here's our other recent addition -- Diamond Tubes:

You saw the announcement three weeks ago. Amazing colors in the sky -- the unique pattern is labor intensive but well worth the effort.

Diamond Tubes Diamond Tubes Diamond Tubes

Each tube is made from four complimentary colors and contains over 100 pieces of fabric. We then finish each piece off with a tapered point in the final section. The result is a delightfully complex array of color in the sky.

Choose the convenient fifty-five footers for $75 Temporary Update Price $60 or the incredible 110 foot Diamond Tubes for $140 Temporary Update Price $112. Licensed & Protected Design by S. Oswald

Remember -- all our tubes are on sale until the end of March. Check out Diamonds, Transition, Racing Stripes, Space Socks, Snake & Corkscrew, and Rainbow. You can choose any of our custom colors and get a 20% discount off the new normal prices. Do it now!! We won't be marking tubes down like this again this year.

One More Special March Mark-Down!

It isn't exactly Lions, Tigers and Bears. But it is close!! Oh my!

We're overstocked with Animal Socks. We have Elephants, Panda, Pigs and Mice.You should have such problems! But maybe our problem is your solution...

Pig Panda Elephant Mouse

Buy any of our three foot animals before the end of March, and we'll drop the price from $30 to just $20.

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