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April 6

Sun and Fun on the Coast of France


We're back in Berck sur Mer for the opening of the European kite season.


Berck Festival

There is a bright sun beaming down on the festival and a world-class group of fliers is beginning to assemble.

The event stretches a quarter mile along the promenade and there are large kites as far as the eye can see. In the center arena, sport kite teams are warming up for the World Sport Kite Championships which begin Tuesday.

North and South, I can see giant inflatables, flowing deltas, decorative parafoils, and arches of eddys. More than 20,000 people are crowding the walkways along the seawall to watch. The main body of kiters won't even arrive until mid-week and already we have an incredible show.

Dambeck Cellular Dusseldorf Flowform Dambeck Cellular

Flying Seal Snake Man Grasshoper

One festival area that is unlike anything seen in the States is the Wind Garden. A dozen exhibitors have been given roped off spaces to present a menagerie of whistling, humming, clicking and whirring 'instruments' - all powered by the wind. Here are a few examples.

Wind Garden Wind Garden Wind Garden

Wind Garden Wind Garden Wind Garden

Wind Garden Wind Garden Wind Garden Wind Garden

I brought three bags, 70 pounds each, to France. Security was a bit daunting but we got everything in without a problem. But in the 20-plus winds, we'd already broken one line and torn a lifter keel by the end of the first day. So it looks like we're going to need all that gear!

Here's some of the kites we had up over the weekend.

Bubbles and Spikey Balls New Geckos Diamond Tubes

A pleasantly surprising result of flying overseas is meeting people who regularly check the Update. We spoke to Italians, French and Brits who commented on our designs and reports like the world toilet tour or our previous Sport Kite Championship reports. Sometimes we needed a translator, but the message came through loud and clear.


It is only day two of a ten day gathering.

I'll be trying to post reports on the Championships when they get underway and will gather photos of the most unusual and spectacular kites all week.

We'll also be looking for new ideas we can bring home for you.

Valke Tubes

Meanwhile, I'm checking mail twice a day and Susie is back in the office shipping product, taking calls, and packing for the China trip. Have a Bon Jour and we'll report more France news soon!!

We've just received the prototypes of the GKPI produced Peter Lynn mid-sized Cat and Ray. We also have the Gecko and Bear -- all made by us under exclusive license. That means lower prices and quicker turn-around.

Let us know if we can tempt you with a big piece of fabric. Details are in our Pater Lynn Pages.

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