May 12
New "Fun Size" Octopus

We've finally got the new, twelve foot, "Fun Size" Octopus. They're priced right, easy to pack, and fly great. Oh, and Susie says be sure to mention "very cute".

Fun Size Octopus  Fun Size Octopus

Now here's the awkward part. Earlier this year, Peter Lynn licensed production of the 'micro' Octopus to two companies. Don't be confused when you see them in your local stores. There are a lot of differences.

We're calling the GKPI version the "Fun Size" Octopus. (Two are shown above.) The other folks are calling theirs a huge "Show Kite". Both are ripstop nylon, twelve feet long and about two feet wide. This week, we shipped several hundred to retail stores around the country and also have product here for sale direct to you.

GKPI Eyes Premier Eyes

Here's one difference:

The Gomberg kite (top)has three-dimensional inflated eyes that stand out from the face of the kite. The other version (bottom) has appliquéd eyes that are flat against the kite.

We're using the same process featured on larger models which creates a much more dramatic appearance in the sky. Flat is dull - shape and form is classy.

Another difference: The Gomberg kite is available in red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, violet, purple, and black. The other version is available in yellow. We can also make custom colors combinations on request at no addition cost.

The Gomberg kite has cupped suckers (left) on the tentacles. This is the same system used on the larger kites to generate drag and stability. The other kite (right) only has flat suckers sewn to the tentacles.

Cupped tentacles will make a huge difference in performance and stability - especially in gusty or stronger wind conditions.

Tentacle Comparison

Curiously, most of theirs are attached to the back of the tentacles instead of the front.

One other big difference -- the Gomberg kite has a suggested retail price of $70. The other version is priced at $80 retail.

Price – color selection – flyability – quality construction and detailing – those are the criteria that distinguish GKPI products. We have Octos in stock and ready to ship to you. Or ask your local kite retailer for the GKPI "Fun Size" Octopus.

And remember to ask for the one with real eyes….. ;)

OK, Ok ... we'll mark them down for a week.

We want our new Octos out where people can see than and see the difference between our work and the other guys. So we'll take 20% off on orders placed between now and May 20.

The usual (low) price is $70. Twenty percent off that is $56. But you have to promise to tell people that 'your' octopus is better than the other ones....

Fun Size

Don't forget that GKPI is also the exclusive distributor of Octos in the 20, 40 and huge 80 foot size. We're off to Grand Haven and then Wildwood in the next two weeks. See you there.

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