Big Kite Field!
May 22
A Barrel of Fun in Michigan

Organizer Steve Negen of Mackinaw Kites couldn't wait for Al Sparling to get his giant barrel into the sky in Grand Haven last weekend. And that was just fine with Al who was also anxious to fill the fabric bag with wind.

Al picked up this treasure on the Factory Outlet in March but weather and field size have made it difficult for him to air it out since then. The beach in Grand Haven was perfect, even if the winds were a bit on the light-to bumpy side. And the crowds loved seeing this 75 by 50 foot monster repeatedly fill and then slowly rotate before collapsing on the sand.

Big Barrel! Big Barrel! Big Barrel!

There are lots of things I like about Grand Haven. There are great demos by fliers like Chicago Fire, Sam and Ann Ritter, Lee and Sue Sedgewick, the Windjammers, Ray Bethell, and Lam Hoac. There are specialty events like the fighter kite competition and a super indoor fly. There is open flying and programs for kids. Factory reps from New Tech, Revolution and Prism are on hand to demonstrate products. And we big kite fliers get our very own big kite field.

Candy Drop! Cat and Bear! Chicago Fire!

I guess my only disappointment was feeling a bit isolated down the beach with little chance to go and visit friends. Changing winds kept dropping the big stuff out of the sky so that showpieces needed constant attention. The Rymaszewskis, Rasberrys, Gombergs, and one Sparling kept busy for the sunny two day event.

Susie and I flew home out of Grand Rapids which gave us a chance to spend Monday morning at the only US showing of the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit.

Pretty amazing to look at a 2000 year old scrap of parchment that refers to the events of Passover 2,000 years ago and yet mirrors the contemporary wording of Exodus!

Dead Sea Scrolls

Tomorrow I'm off to Wildwood. The extended forecast reports rain, rain, rain, rain, and rain. Sounds like the workshops and indoor fly will be busy! See you there!!


Free Biners!

We've been preaching the use of small carabiners for attaching line laundry. And now, if you buy any of our spinners, bouncers, or tubes, we'll toss in a free "GKPI" biner. Its a $3 value.

All you have to do is ask ... because we don't want to sent out free stuff to people that don't want it... Check out our line and accessories pages for more details on using carabiners to support your line laundry.

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