May 28
Wet 'n Wild-wood

Wildwood Beach

The forecast for the 18th annual Wildwoods International Kite Festival was wet. I don't mean just drippy or damp. I mean a heavy, windless, downpour. The day before, the water actually pooled up on the beach. So I guess we should have been pleased to get light, moist breezes for the weekend.

Wet Octo Wet Dracula Wet Bols

Stalwart fliers shook the wet sand off ripstop and eased larger kites into the damp skies. Sport kite fliers competed on nearby fields. The tramcar cruised endlessly back and fourth along the boardwalk. And the crowds wandered by, as they always do, pausing occasionally to watch and wonder what on earth we were all doing out there.

Wildwood Workshops Wildwood Workshops Wildwood Workshops

Inside the convention center, workshops and exhibits were busy. Fliers learned about applique from Deb Cooley, mineature banners from Scott Spencer, and traditional kites from George Peters. There were videos from the AKA conventions, programs on kite surfing, a display of small kites and kite stamps, and a huge selection of books from the KiteLines Bookstore.

Indoor Flying Indoor Flying

The massive arena provided a spectacular setting for indoor flying. Displays and competition kept the crowds entertained -- and dry. French visitors, team R-Sky brought new tricks and new techniques to share both inside and out on the field.

Drying Kites Drying Kites

Meanwhile what do you do when a 100 foot kite gets wet and sandy?? You take it inside and use powerful blowers to inflate and dry it! All you need is a big space, and a good vacuum to clean up the mess afterwards. (Photos by Al Sparling's phone)

Evening programs included a Saturday auction and a Sunday Caribbean Awards Banquet. So with three full days of contests and ascensions, workshops, exhibits, and even a sales tent, Wildwood is looking more and more like a mini-AKA convention. Heck -- they even had the rain!

All they needed was a few more boring speeches from the President...

Kite Display

I'm checking the schedule and it looks like we have a rare weekend off before heading to Ocean Shores and then Kitty Hawk. See you out there!!

Pillow Sale!

One of the coolest designs we've come up with lately is the Star Pillow. They contain four big five-pointed sections - the first over three feet wide. With a long tapered tail, each piece stretches to 20 feet. We sell them for $75 each.

Seeing as I have a weekend off and feel like celebrating, how about we mark all the pillows down 20% for ten days. That means you can get the four-section Stars, the six-section Squares, or the three section triangular Tripples at a great price.

And don't forget to ask for your free Biner!

Star Pillows

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