June 9
Fine Flying in Ocean Shores

At eight o'clock sharp on Friday morning, the phone rang. It was our local Postmaster.

"We have a letter here for you that appeared to have something metal in it" she explained. "So because of the new security regulations, it was scanned. We also found some electronic circuitry and we were going to open and inspect it. But then it started singing Happy Birthday. Now we can't make it stop. It's been singing for two hours....".

We went down to get mail just after lunch. Sure enough, our PO Box was singing. And the Postmaster was very happy to see us.

Gecko Stack


Bright and early Saturday morning, I jumped in the van and drove up to Ocean Shores, Washington.

Our trips lately have seen wet wind, bumpy wind, and no wind. In Washington I found *perfect* wind and a warm reception from the Westport Windriders, the Washington Kitefliers, and Cutting Edge Kite Shop.

I settled in at one end and stacked up three large pieces on one line and three mid-sized on another.

The single line area was crowded will all kinds of hand crafted creations. The Washington fliers benefit from excellent local kitemaking workshops, and also take the opportunity to travel and buy kites overseas. The result is a menagerie of interesting and unique kites at most shows.

Flying Art Flying Art Flying Art Flying Art

Inflatables Inflatables Inflatables

Creations Creations Creations

At the far end of the festival, sport kite competitions were underway. I called Susie later and told her I'd flown in the Mystery Ballet. There was a pause on the phone. "Sport kites??" she asked.

Small Geckos

I was tempted to say, "No, with a 70 foot Teddy Bear!!". But I learned long ago that wives don't always appreciate sarcasm. "Yes", I replied. "A sport kite."

"Did you crash?" she asked.


"Well then they must have given you really easy music...."

Sunday night I headed back home. I've got three days before we leave for Kitty Hawk. The forecast is for scattered showers. I'll be the only guy on the field with a sunburn...

Peter Lynn Quilt!

Saturday in Ocean Shores, I brought out a new design by Peter Lynn. This is an interesting foil-type innovation that has no keels and is supported internally by through-cords rather than cells. It inflates quickly and holds it shape well.

When the Quilt is available commercially, we'll provide templates you can color digitally. The idea is that you create your own images or designs square-by-square. It will be interesting to see what people come up with. Click here to see another sample design.

Sorry - no pricing yet. But we'll let you know...

PL Quilt

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