June 23
Quilt and Octopus News

Check out the newest innovation in foil technology. The Peter Lynn Quilt combines advanced inflatable engineering with creative artistry. Look at the results!

Quilt 2 Quilt 1 Quilt 3

The Quilt has no keels and is supported internally by through-cords rather than cells. With one large chamber, it inflates quickly and holds it shape well. Two long tube tails are built into the infrastructure and can be flown straight, or connected into an efficient loop similar to Japanese Edo technology.

These are big kites. The 3.2 meter is 10 x 10 feet (100 square feet) and the 6.4 meter is 20 x 20 (400 square feet). That's as large as a good-sized living room!

Quilt Template

Each Quilt is individually designed and constructed to your exact specifications. You choose where each color goes.

The kites are 16 panels high and 16 wide. Each panel can also be divided diagonally. So using this template, you can experiment with your paint program to pixalize any image, artwork, or design. The possibilities are endless!

To copy the template, click on this image for a larger version, then click-right on the larger version to download the template.

There are two pricing options with each Quilt.

You can design both the top and bottom sail with fully quilted tubes, or you can design just the front sail, leaving the top a single solid color and using only limited decoration in the tubes -- such as a stripe or two.

Size Area Design Price
3.2 100 sq ft bottom only $1500
3.2 100 sq ft top & bottom $1750
6.4 400 sq ft bottom only $2500
6.4 400 sq ft top & bottom $3000

Keep in mind that this is for 300-500 fabric squares. Prices will be a bit more if squares are divided diagonally. For example, the center design shown above is available for $1850 and is slightly used.

The other news this week is that we've just received the first shipment of Peter Lynn Mid-Octopus manufactured by GKPI.. As you know, Peter has licensed us to make all of the mid-sized kite. We have the Gecko, Cat, Bear, and Ray. Now we have the Octopus too with plans to receive the Trilobite and Squid next.

Octo Options

The mid-sized Octo is about 45 feet long and eight feet wide. It is an impressive but manageable kite.

You can still order an Octopus made in New Zealand. The cost remains $1750. And now you can order the identical kite, made by GKPI and shipped to you in two-three weeks for just $1400. We'll do whatever colors you want.

Traditionally when we introduce a new product, we announce a limited-time sale on the Update to try and get a few pieces out where fliers can see them. So through June 30, we'll take $200 off the selling price. That means you get a forty-five foot octopus for just $1200. But the deal is only good until the end of June.

Susie and I are spending a rare weekend at home re-arranging the office and moving stuff in the storage area. I ache all over. Must be getting old!

Next weekend I'll be performing at a balloon festival in Sonoma California. Then in July we have plans for Westport, Myrtle Beach SC, and Newport RI. See you out there!!

Weekly Update Sale!

Check the Update regularly for news of specials, mark-down, and Update-Only sales. This week, we're offering 20% off on the 35 Foot Streamer Flags.

Streamers are simple, dramatic, and efficient. They are completely hemmed, abuse-tolerant, and available in any of the six primary colors (plus black and white).

The standard price is $19 on this smaller size. But through June 30, you can order any colors you want and get them for $15.

Single Streamers

Streamers are one of our most popular products. Click here for more details.

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