July 7
A Rare Weekend at Home

We actually stayed home over the holiday weekend. We painted the deck, rented a boat on the local lake, worked in the garden, and listened to the neighbors fireworks until after midnight.

By Sunday, I was starting to worry about something to write for the Update. But with blue skies and perfect winds, The solution was easy. I threw a kite in the car and went to the beach

Beach Flying

Chasing Shadows

Oregon beaches are usually pretty crowded in the Summer. The water is too cold for swimming so people walk dogs, picnic, play football, and dig holes in the sand. No one even looked up as I dragged a big bag out and started to set sand anchors.

I stretched out lines, popped the big yellow octopus out of the bag, tied it in, and in under three minutes I had it inflated and in the air. That's when people started to pay attention!

"Is it as easy to get back down?" one fellow asked. "Absolutely!" I lied....

Of course, bringing the kite in really is pretty easy. It just isn't as easy -- especially with just one person.

For once, I enjoyed letting kids play with one of the showpieces. They danced in and out of the shadows. The kite was up high and flying steady so I didn't have to worry about anyone getting into the tentacles.

I flew for about an hour, then pulled the kite down, popped the deflation zipper, and stuffed it back in the bag. I guess it was easy!

July is going to be busy! Friday we head for Westport Washington. We get home Sunday night and then Monday take the red-eye overnight to Myrtle Beach SC. We'll do an informal beach show there and then connect up to Newport RI for the big High Flyers Festival. Then the following weekend we head for Berkeley.

But we are returning phone calls, answering emails, and getting shipments out as quickly as we can. If you need something, let us know and we'll make sure you get taken care of.

See you out there soon!

We've finally got patches and pins. Cool!!

Wear them on your hat, your jacket, or sewn to your kite bag. The embroidered patches are 3 inches and the cloisonné pins are one-and-a-eighth inches.

You can have either for $5.

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