April 16
Off to China

If you have been thinking about joining our Y2K Team to China, it's too late. We leave in the morning at 6am. About 24 hours later, we arrive in Shanghai for a whirlwind tour to Weifang, Qufu, and Beijing. Our group of twelve includes Kathy Nixie, Jim Gruver, Marcia Bujold, Michael Kellough, Charlie Dunton, Adam Grow, Barbara Hall, Kevin & Cinda Shannon, Peter Crane, Linda Underwood, and Patrick Chen. You should have signed on sooner...

Here's what part of our Team to France looked like.


I'm hoping to bring back a few Weifang Dragons and someother tidbits. If you are looking for something special, shoot me an email. I can't promise I'll be able to connect every day. But you know I will be trying...

When we get back, we're announcing a sale on our 2.5 foot Beach Balls. The normal price is $40. But we are marking the solid ones down to $30 for a two week special. Readers of the Update can take advantage early and email us now with your requests for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple -- all with black and white accents.

Beach Balls

That's all for now! Wish us a good trip. And as soon as I get back, I head off to Japan.

Crazy life...

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