July 14
Windy Westport

Susie and I are just back from the Westport Kite Festival on the Washington Coast. What a wonderful event! We want to really thank the Westport Windriders club for their invitation, warm hospitality and a really great weekend.

Big Kites

Famous Hotel Room

How warm was the hospitality?? Our motel room had a Jacuzzi, a huge bed, a stocked fridge, and this sign on the door.

During the banquet, our Gecko was voted People's Choice. But we've always felt that such awards shouldn't be given to invited guests so we asked that the big trophy go to the local flier with the most votes.

Westport offers smooth winds, wide beaches, and the chance to bring your car right out onto the sand. That makes handling gear much easier and also creates a series of sociable camp enclaves. The festival stretched a mile down the beach. Click Here

In many ways, it reminded me of Fano -- especially Saturday afternoon when the sky turned dark and damp winds began to blow wet sand across the flying field.

Festival Length

Art Ross' newest giant flowfom suffered a mishap when it came down in a ragged pile of driftwood. He wasn't happy but I'm sure Art will have things fixed before Long Beach.

Ross Crash Ross Crash

But by morning, the sun was out again. Scheduled activities included handcrafted competition, mass ascensions, sport kite events, fighter kite contests, a lively pot-luck and raffle, and bear drops for kids. But the real show was the free flying with plenty of local art and craftsmanship in the air.

StingRay Delta Super Sled Super Sled

When the sun came out, Susie and I tested some prototypes. Watch for news on new designs later this summer, includig the StingRay Delta, Window Pane, and a great new SuperSled lifter.

Late Sunday afternoon, we loaded the van and headed south. The drive was about four hours. We've got just Monday at the office and the fly out at midnight for South Carolina. We'll be doing a show in Myrtle Beach on Wednesday and Thursday, and then flying up to Rhode Island for the Newport Festival next weekend.

Yep -- it is a hectic, crazy lifestyle, but we're lucky to have it. See you out there!

Spikey Ball Sale!!

We've got a good supply of our popular Spikey Balls in stock, so why not mark them down this week??

The normal price is $75 but you can have a Ball for just $60 if you email of call before we get back from Newport. All colors are available!!

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