August 13
Great Fun in Rehoboth

Got Wind??

Rehoboth was great fun!

Great friends, great food, great crowds, great hospitality, and very gracious weather! Up and down the Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware coast, it was raining like stink. But when ever it came time for us to fly, the rain evaporated and we had reasonably good winds.

This was our second year performing for Rachel and Bee at Rehoboth Kite and Toy. It wasn't a festival -- just a big kite show designed to draw customers down the boardwalk to their store. Large kites aren't allowed on the beach from 10 until 5 pm. So we set up in the morning, took down, played all afternoon, and then came back to fly again in the early evening.

Now here's the fun part.

As soon as word got around that we were coming, friends started showing up in town. Allan Rob brought his ground show of spinners and bouncers. Pete Dolphin drove down from Philadelphia. And Phil Broder, a recent immigrant from Iowa, took the ferry across from Cape May.

The store added a big show of Suttons and line laundry to create a real magnet on the narrow beach each night. And sure enough, spectators gathered for the show. I'm not sure whether they really liked the kites, or just wanted to see if we were good enough to keep everything out of the breakers when the breeze dropped off at dusk.

Sutton Show??

We put up a big bright yellow Octopus to contrast with the overcast skies. And fortunately, the wind came right down the beach since the kite was probably longer than the sand was wide. Sure enough, as the tide peaked and the wind disappeared, we dropped the Octo into the surf two nights in a row.

Beach Octo Beach Octo?? Beach Octo

Trust me when I tell you that a big wet, sandy kite is heavy. And it is no fun to stuff in a bag either! But fortunately the sun would come out each morning to dry things out.

Piggy-Back Fliers??

We also tried a new trick to squeeze more big kites into the limited flying space.

Both the Octopus and Squid fly on split bridles. We commonly use Pilot Kites to help lift and stabilize them. But since we didn't have room for two independent anchors, we put the Squid up high and then tied the Octopus bridles directly into the Squid's two flying lines.

"Piggy-Back anchoring worked like a charm -- until winds dropped and we scrambled to keep everything from getting tangled.

Allan Robb also experimented with rigid PVC poles to support heavier Sunflowers, Star Bursts, and Jellyfish.

Normally you need a kite to lift these larger spinners. But Allan's pole research may allow us to bring moving ground shows to fields and festivals around the country.

And besides, since these weren't kites, it seemed we could fly them all day without upsetting the lifeguards....

Ground Performance??

Rachel Again

Each night, we dined, drank, and collapsed too late into bed, consumed with happy exhaustion.

Saturday afternoon, we finished the morning performance and then took Bee's boat up to Lewes for lunch. Halfway up the bay, it started to pour! We got to the restaurant soaking wet and laughing. Then the sun came out and we sped down the shoreline, bouncing over the waves. Susie laughed out loud but I just hung onto the sides of the boat.

Sunday we drove down to Ocean City for lunch. Monday night, Rachel invited us to inaugurate her new Jacuzzi. And then bright and early Tuesday, Bee drove us to Baltimore for the flights home. Only one thing was left to complete a great weekend trip. That's right -- United upgraded us!

We're home this weekend, straining to get caught up and check out some new designs. Gerard Clement of Paris arrives here on Saturday. Then next week, we are off to Long Beach and the Washington State International Kite Festival.

See you up there!

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Mid Trilobite

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