August 18
Long Beach Preview

Unless I'm reading the calendar wrong, this was our first weekend home since early June! Whew!! What a Summer!

Cascade Head Climb

Saturday we drove up to the Portland airport to pick-up our good friend, Gerard Clement, organizer of the Berck Kite Festival in France each year.

Gerard will be one of the featured guests at the Washington State International Kite Festival (WSIKF) this year. We spent a pleasant day relaxing and sightseeing here on the central coast and then drove North on Monday morning.

It was a sparkling day on the beach and as we arrived at the festival, an astounding display of arches dominated the main field. Gerard, no stranger to big kite shows, let out a low, impressed whistle.

WSIKF is one of the largest kite gatherings in North America. It runs Monday through Sunday with events, contests, and demos packed into each day's schedule. There is also plenty of ground display area and free flying.

Monday was unusually crowded, which is a good sign for the rest of the week. I greeted friends and flew for an hour. Then I drove the three hours back down the coast. A shipment of Codys from Germany just arrived and we're working on new designs and new products for all of you.

Susie and I will return to Long Beach on Wednesday.

LB Arches

Meanwhile, here is a piece of kite news I found really entertaining... My buddy Phil Broder, who just re-located to New Jersey, writes the following:

    So yesterday, I'm doing some shopping in Cape May, went into a little store, and purchased a shelf for assorted knicknacks. The girl helping me was pretty cute, nice smile, funny, generally pleasant (a rarity in this tourist area), and I was thinking about asking her out. Then the conversation took this turn...

    Girl: What are you going to put on this shelf?

    Phil: My miniature kite collection.

    Girl: Kites? Hey, my dad was president of the AKA for a couple years.

    Phil (heart sinking): What's your name?

    Girl: Jessica Dolphin.

    I immediately pulled out my cell phone, called Pete from my speeddial, and assured him that I would NEVER date his daughters. Because when you ask a woman "Who's your daddy?", the answer you get back shouldn't be "Pete Dolphin."

See you at Long Beach on Wednesday!!

Trilobite Sale! The Mid-Sized Trilobite by Peter Lynn is the latest licensed kite to be put into GKPI production. That means the price will be dropping from $1750 to $1400. Order one between now and September 15 and we'll take another 15% off.

For more details, click here.

Mid Trilobite

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