September 8
Three Announcements from GKPI

Blue Meanie

He is fresh off the production line and way too cool. In fact we don't even have a name yet for our Announcement #1. Should we call him the Blue Devil or the Blue Meanie, or something else??

Observant Update readers may recall the prototype of this delightful inflatable in Yucca Valley last March. He was designed several years ago by Robin Parent of Montreal. We convinced Robin to let us try a few refinements and make the design available to all of you.

The "Meanie" is a big piece -- about 15 feet from his horns to the tip of his tennies. But it will be design details as much as bulk that will allow him to dominate the field. Check out the fashionable sunglasses, the confident glint in his eye, that dazzling smile, and the too-cool-to-be-on-a-kite footware. This guy is going to be a winner!

Eyes Shoes Mouth

We're still fine tuning a few bridle issues but have the Meanie flying well with a Pilot. They are available in your choice of colors and will be going for a list price of $1100. Watch for more news or jump in and order one of the very first!

PL Flag

Item #2 is the much anticipated new Peter Lynn Flag Design.

Peter is so excited by this kite's potential that he has gone to the time and expense to secure a full International Patent. -- not just the narrower "design patent" or "design registration".

What makes this kite unique is the lack of cells and keels. The top and bottom sails are secured by through-cords which maintain the airfoil shape. There are no sticks, no flares, it is wider than it is long and deeper at the sides than in the center. All of these elements make it possible to produce a safe, easily packable, inexpensive and attractive soft flag kite. And more important, it inflates and launches easily, and flies very, very well.

We expect the patent to be successful and to protect us against copiers because it is for significant features not trivial or subsidiary elements.

GKPI has been licensed to manage production of the PL Flags in North America. We're currently exploring mass production opportunities for a 3 x 5 foot version with larger manufacturers, while we'll be taking orders for custom pieces directly.

Plans are to make any flag design available.

Two Flags

All of this is still in the development stages and will be announced publicly by Peter Lynn Ltd from New Zealand this week. But to give you an idea of what we are talking about, we'll be flying an eight square meter flag at the AKA convention in three weeks. It measures about 15 by 26 feet. Big flags will be selling for roughly the same prices as comparably sized Sutton Flowforms. That's $550 for a 125, $850 for a 252 or $1600 for a 450.


And finally, Announcement #3 is that we've added yet another of the Peter Lynn mid-sized inflatables to the Gomberg produced repertoire. The 50 foot Squid is one of the best flying of the mid-sized kites, combining elements of the Ray, Trilobite, and Octopus. And with the GKPI model, prices drop from $1750 to $1400.

We've been working hard this year to bring out all the mid-sized Lynns at lower prices. Check out our Peter Lynn Pages for more details on the Gecko, Cat, Bear, Trilobite, Ray, Squid, and Octopus. Our next targets are the Penguin and Turtle.

All designed are made under exclusive license and designed by Peter Lynn of New Zealand.

I'm off to Marseilles on Wednesday. Next week's Update will be out a few days late, but I promise even more surprises and new designs. Meanwhile, don't forget to check the Factory Outlet for our End-of-Summer Clearance.

Gothic Kites from Boreal! The artistic dyed creations of Eric Curtis and Anne Sloboda are really enchanting. So it is curious that there are so few of them in the United States.

GKPI is pleased to represent these fine Canadian kites. And are relieved that Eric is back to serious kitemaking following his recovery from a really bad car accident.

Check out Boreal Kites. And if you agree that you really need one, we'll take 20% off during the entire month of September. Just remember to ask for your Update Discount!


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