September 22
A Great 25th

I got my start in "organized" kiting at the first Lincoln City Kite Festival here in Oregon. This weekend, the event celebrated her silver anniversary in style with blue skies, good friends, and brisk warm winds.

Airplane Squad

There was a time when Lincoln City was the biggest kite event in the Northwest. Over the past quarter century, it has experienced the ebb and flow that many festivals see. But now with solid support from the city's Visitors Bureau, we're seeing a sky that rivals anything of past years.

Beach Banners Beach Banners Beach Banners

Grand National Champion Jose Sainz was the featured guest this year. Penny Lingenfelter, Al Washington, and Carl Bragel kept thing busy on the sport kite field. Meanwhile big kites filled the background thanks to Rod and Cindy Thrall, Dale Ray, Mike and Kay Woodring, Doc Counce, and Bob Serack. Ronda Brewer and Larry Zilar managed children's' programs. Ken Tumminia and Deb Cooley organized a local kite exhibit. Steve O'Brien manned the microphone. And Steve Lamb, the fellow who started the whole thing back in the 70's, just sat back and smiled...

Rod and Cindy launched an entire family of bears at the water's edge. That seemed easy enough in the morning, but by noon, the winds were at fifteen and climbing five miles-per-hour.

Right after lunch we started to pull big pieces down and focus on the smaller, more manageable mid-sized inflatables. The beach crowd really seemed to enjoy the "Daddy, Mommy, and Baby bear show. All the Thralls need now is a big bowl of porridge!

Thrall Bears

GKPI Airplanes

Another popular show was the new GKPI Airplane.

We managed to stack four pieces for a bit of "formation flying". The kites were anchored to a longer flying line which was secured with sand anchors at both ends. And despite their smaller size, when the winds came up, it was a struggle to bring everything down.

Carl Bragel (and his lovely assistant Lisa) kept three kites in the air simultaneously. That's one kite in each hand and the third flown from his waist.

Certainly Ray Bethell is best known for this routine, but Carl is nearly as proficient, and a *lot* younger. As far as I know, there are only about five people in the world who can manage this one-man-show.

Bragel Kite Show

PL Turtle

Sunday, we decided to air out the Giant Turtle I brought home from France.

This is a monster kite and came with a monster bridle tangle. We kept the nose up with a pilot kite, and used two hefty volunteers to hold the flippers on the beach. Then we went to work on the lines.

This is the only big Turtle presently in the country and because it is used, we're dropping the price $900 - from $3500 to $2600. Give us a call if you are interested. The bridles are nice and clean now...

Saturday night, all of the fliers were invited to the Gomberg "Estate" for our annual Kite Soiree and Fried Chicken Sampler. The first year we did this pot-luck, people showed up with chicken from all over town and it has become an informal tradition. Susie outdid herself on the organization and I did just fine with the red wine.

BTW- it isn't really an "estate" either...

We're off to AKA at the end of the week. Hope all our friends in the south East weathered Isabelle well and that we'll see lots of you in Dayton. Travel safe.

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