September 28
Introducing G-Kites!

We've now published more than 200 of these Weekly Updates. That's nearly four years of travel reports, essays, and Monday morning rambles from the Gomberg World Headquarters. What better time to announce a major expansion of GKPI product and designs.

With the arrival of 50 kite pallets Thursday, we are officially unveiling G-Kites -- our new low-price / high quality distribution division.

Rainbow Diamond Kite Rainbow Delta Kite Winged Box Kite

Gomberg Kite Productions is known for innovative designs, larger showpieces, and products designed for the advanced kite enthusiast. But now we are bringing our expertise and commitment for kite-flying-fun to new fliers as well.

The difference is mass-production. GKPI has focused on small-quantity, custom-colors, and fast-turnaround. We get weekly deliveries of air freight from our #1 Factory in China. G-Kites are coming from Factory #2 where we produce in quantity. Delivery is slower since we ship by boat instead of plane. But prices are lower too. In other words, a tube tail that once cost $20, now sells for $10. And because we're buying in bulk, we can actually improve some of our fabrics and fittings.

G-Kite Sled Bears

  • We're planning a series of introductory kites retailing for under $20 - each complete with line, handle and tails, and supported by our flying guides and educational materials.
  • We're planning a series of high-quality tubes and tails that retail for under $10.
  • We're shifting production of some of our most popular line art - which means the price will drop by as much as 50%.
  • And we have a series of more advanced kites like Para-Sleds, Delta-Conynes and Ghost Deltas at competitive low prices.

Diamond Tails

What does this mean for our production of larger show pieces, unique laundry, and lifters?? Absolutely nothing. We plan to keep banging them out. Watch for new designs and more big kites before the end of the year.

Delta Conyen

What does this mean about requests for custom colors? Again, absolutely nothing. We can still send a request for any design in special colors, whether they are GKPI or G-Kites, to our #1 Factory and have them back in 14 days.

The only hitch is that we won't be able to offer those special colors on G-Kite products to other stores on a wholesale basis.

This is obviously a big move for the Gomberg Family. The kite industry is changing, and we are responding with the same attention to detail, commitment to education, and personal service that has worked so well for us over the past 16 years.

We trust you will like the result.

Spikey Balls

Check out our G-Kites start-up pages and let us know what you think. And for loyal Update readers, we'll take 20% off the price of any G-Kites order over $50 through October 10.

Susan and I are off to AKA later today and will be back in the office the 6th. See you in Dayton!

Don't forget our current Update Discounts!!

Boreal Kites are on sale through the end of the month.

We 're also knocking $200 off the price of mid-sized Gecko, Trilobites, Bears, Cats, and Squids.

And we'll take $50 off the price of the new airplanes purchased before we leave for AKA on Saturday.


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