October 27
Penguin Possibilities !


Here's some good news if you are a Flying Penguin fan! GKPI now has the middle and smaller sizes available at lower prices, direct from our Factory and produced under license from Mr. Lynn.

The "middle" size is about 16 feet and the adorable "smaller" ones stand six feet tall. New prices are $1000, and $125. (That's a 33% reduction on the 16 footer!)

And of course, we can still get you the Giant 36 foot bird, direct from New Zealand, for $3250.

What this means is that you can order any of the pieces -- or collect the entire "family".

The other thing I should mention is that some people have suggested the Penguin looks a bit like a Duck. We, of course, disagree strenuously. But since the customer is always right, if you want a "Yellow Penguin", we'll be happy to make one for you.



I continue to be surprised at how well the Penguins perform. Let's face it -- they are shaped like a shoe box with small wings and a nose. They shouldn't fly at all. But they do! The big one does as well as any of the giant inflatables.

They fly better with a Pilot so if you are looking at light or gusty winds, consider a stable foil or sled to keep things in the air.

Production of GKPI Penguins (or Ducks" takes about two weeks. Our next target from the Peter Lynn series is the mid-sized Turtle.

For more details on all of the Giant Inflatables, check our Peter Lynn pages.

Susie is off for ten days on her annual mother-daughter vacation. I'll be staffing the phones here in the Gomberg World Headquarters. And I'll be handling shipping too, so be gentle when you inform me of my mistakes.

Have a fine Halloween, and check back next week for more new-product news.

Regular Update readers know that when we introduce a new product, we normally offer a limited-duration price reduction to help get a few into the kite world.

Through November 10, we'll take 20% off the price of a small or mid-sized Penguin.

You can have the Duck option too. And since we've now stocked up on lots of black and white fabric, we'll apply the price to small and mid-sized Cats too.

Black and White

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