November 2
New Snake Heads!

Travel season is winding down for 2003. According to my friends at United Airlines, I've now traveled more than 107,000 airmiles this year. No wonder they treat me so nice!!

Susan is away this week on her annual Mother-Daughter Holiday. At this very moment, they are cruising toward St. Thomas in the Caribbean, soaking up the sun, wining, dining, dancing, and ordering facials and massages. Scary, isn't it.

Me? I'd rather climb a castle wall in France. But for now, I'm holding down the fort here in cold moist Oregon, and trying to dissect the mysteries of making the UPS software work so I can send your packages out.

Meanwhile, we're continuing to work on new designs and new approaches to established products. Here's a fun example...

All our tube tails come with a tapering pointed end. But if you like, we can add something a bit more unusual.

Snake Heads! We've got a three-dimensional inflated head, with bubble eyes and a long forked tongue. And we can add it to the end of any of the 50 or 100 foot tubes at no extra charge! Choose a matching color, or an interesting contrast. Snake Heads are free!

Snake Head

Snake Head

Snake Heads will work great on any of our tubes -- Diamonds, Transition Tubes, Racing Stripes, Space Socks, and especially Snake & Corkscrews.

Regular Update readers know that when we introduce a new product, we normally offer a limited-duration price reduction to help get a few into the kite world. So yes, order a new Snake Head in any of our 50 or 100 foot tube styles, and we'll drop the price 20%. The deal is good until Susie gets home on the 10th.

Then she can deal with shipping and the darned UPS software...

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