November 8
GKPI News Flashes!

Regulars scanning the depths of our site may have noticed a few changes this week. New products -- new prices -- new variations of established favorites. Here are a few examples.

Banner Pole News: We're confident we have the best banner and windsock pole on the market. The 16.5 foot Ringmaster™ is not a converted fishing pole with a "sensitive" (ie. flimsy) tip that will break off in the wind or puncture your banner . The Ringmaster™ was specifically designed for display and banner applications.

But now we have something even better.

The Compact 16.5 foot Traveler™ is designed for people who can't carry a longer 42 inch pole. It has all the great benefits of our Ringmaster™, but with 11 telescopic sections, it breaks down to just 24 inches. The Traveler™ is perfect for a suitcase, duffel bag, or crowded car trunk.

Unbreakable Metal Base Cap

Collapses to Just 24 Inches

Improved Metal Connector Tip

The Traveler™ is an exclusive Gomberg design. It includes a metal screw-on base cap that won't crack or break, 11 telescopic sections, a solid fiberglass end section for more strength, and an improved metal tip that won't puncture banners and is easy to connect windsocks to. And it costs the same as the standard RingMaster™ Pole.

GKPI is the exclusive distributor of Ringmaster™ and Traveler™ poles to the kite community.

  • 16.5 ft Ringmaster™ Telescopic Pole and anchor stake -- $35.00
  • 16.5 ft Ringmaster™ Telescopic Pole only (no stake) -- $29.99
  • 16.5 ft Traveler™ Telescopic only (no stake) -- $29.99
  • 28 ft Heavy Duty Telescopic Pole -- $50.00
  • Solid fiberglass stake -- $9.00
  • 10% discount or orders of 6 units.

Price Reductions and New Product Sizes: The Factory has just informed us of price reductions on an entire series of our more established products. Now that they've been making them for a while, seems they have recouped the "R&D" expense. Of course, we could just pocket the difference, but we thought it would be more fun to pass the savings along to you.

Here's a few examples:

Thinking about a big new foil for the holidays? Think about this.

The Shannon Parafoil is our most artistic lifter and is available in six different designs. We've now added three new size options so that you can buy the kite in a 30, 36, 50, 75, or even a 90 square foot model. The Shannon 75 and 90 are powerful lifters intended for experienced fliers. They pull hard but offer a dramatic show.

Shannon Stars and Stripes-Foil Shannon Rainbow Triangles Shannon Herringbone Shannon X-Foil

And speaking of hard pull, our SkyFoil Lifters has been re-designed in ripstop and pulls like a truck. We now make the 22 square foot SkyFoil "Mini" (5.5 x 4 feet) for $120, the 85 square foot SkyFoil "Lifter" (11.5 x 7 feet) for $399, and if you are really crazy, the 170 square foot SkyFoil "Giant" (17 x 10 feet) for $850. But remember that these larger kites are not for the timid or in-experienced flier.

And finally we have some news about New Pilot Design Options. The 50 and 75 square foot Pilot Kite is our most stable and most popular big lifter. Fliers use it to stabilize other inflatables, or to lift tons of line art and laundry. And while we find the traditional two and three color sail option attractive, we're often asked why Pilots don't come in more decorative options.

Well now they do! This week we are unveiling a stripe and diagonal option. Mix and match the colors to create any design you like. Just use your paint program to color the Pilot Template.

Pilot Design Samples

And as it that wasn't good news enough, the new sails cost the same as the old ones! All Pilots are still $250 for the 6x7 foot model, and $325 for the 8x10.

I should also mention something about parafoil tuning. All of our bridles are set at the factory to prescribed length. After some flying, lines and fabric will stretch slightly. That may require some adjustments after the first ten hours of flight.

We'd love to test and tune every foil we sell. But we don't. No large manufacturer is. Hand tuning is the difference between a $250 and $450 kite. And besides, tuning is part of the fun for a serious kiter. Check our Tuning FAQ for more details.

So that's all the news for this week. Obviously lots going on. And next week, we'll have a big announcement too!

Order a Pilot, SkyFoil, or Shannon between now and Thanksgiving, and we'll give you something to be thankful for... 10% off on top of your AKA 10% discount. And just to be clear, that means 20% off for AKA members.

If you aren't a member yet, perhaps you should be...

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