November 16
2004 Kite Tour of South Africa

In April, 2002, Susan and I were privileged to participate in the 9th Annual Cape Town International Kite Festival. We travel a lot and enjoy it well. But usually at the end of a trip, we are ready to come home.

South Africa captivated us. The people, the vistas, the history and the challenges made a dramatic impression. We wanted to stay longer. That is the highest praise the traveling Gombergs can offer.

View from Table Mountain

Gomberg Kite Productions International is pleased to announce our September 2004 Kitefliers Tour of South Africa. We're looking for qualified kitefliers to join us.

This is a one-time only excursion designed to provide a special kite flying introduction to this remarkable country including visits to wildlife parks, historic sites, kite festivals, townships and the wine country. Along the way, we'll be interacting with local fliers and take advantage of flying opportunities in unparalleled locations. We have no plans to repeat the trip on a regular basis. Here are a few highlights.

Festival Kids Program

Cape Town: We will take part in the SA International Kite Festival, hosted by the Cape Mental Health Association. We will travel to the top of majestic Table Mountain. We'll be VIP guests at the festival banquets and auction. We will visit the nearby Penguin Reserve and tour South Africa's excellent Wine Country. We will fly at a children's gathering in a nearby township. Oh, and we'll go shopping too. Our hotel is within walking distance of the Waterfront District and Malls. Optional programs include excursions to Robben Island.

Penguin Reserve Township Fly Cheetah Reserve

Hluhluwe/St Lucia: The group will spend three days in the spectacular game area and World Heritage Sight of Hluhluwe. A variety of activities are close on hand and the likelihood of seeing game including big 5 species is high. The St Lucia wetlands offer additional possibilities for activities and sight seeing including hippo, crocodile and numerous bird species.

Kiting is permitted in some of these areas, but in other locations, you risk being eaten and must stay in the vehicle.

Hluhluwe Wildlife Hluhluwe Wildlife Hluhluwe Wildlife

Natal Battlefields: We'll spend two days in the historic Fugitives Drift Guest House. This is another Natural Heritage site and location of the major engagements of the 1879 Zulu Wars including Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift. (Rent the movie Zulu now!) Tours of each site are included. Walks and horse rides through the reserve offer wildlife viewing as well as fishing on the Buffalo River.

Fugitives Drift Fugitives Drift Fugitives Drift

The group is scheduled to arrive in Cape Town on September 15 and depart on September 25. (Please note that AKA does not start until October 11th.) The package price of $2450 includes eleven days in-country with all lodging, most meals, guides, and domestic transportation. You are welcome to extend your stay in Cape Town. Air tickets are expected to run about $1400.

If you are interested in this once-in-a-lifetime trip, drop us an email and we'll put you on the update list.

For a review of our last trip to Cape Town visit our Updates for April 24, 2002 and April 30, 2002

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