November 24
Thanksgiving Update!

Happy Thanksgiving Week everyone! I hope that life is warm and gracious to all of you, that your days are filled with fun and adventure, and that you have plenty to be thankful for.

I've been home for the past few weeks concentrating on finalizing some new products and working on catalogs for the Trade Show at the beginning of the year. A few of our efforts are reflected below, but we have plenty of surprises yet to come.

Please make note that GKPI will be closed the first week of December while I take Susie on her annual Surprise Birthday Trip. Last year, we invested a wad of frequent flier miles in an excellent journey to Istanbul for three days. Any guesses where it will be this time??

We'll be trying to check email twice a day, but if you need something for December, please let us know as early as possible. Now, here's the newest news.

Flying Friends: Will this new piece of line laundry sweep the nation's flying fields? Or is Michael Jackson "baby dangling" too fresh in our minds??? You'll have to decide for yourself!

Flying Friends

Nothing will wipe the smile off the face of this newest line accessory.

Flying Friends are fully detailed wind socks. We can vary the hair on his stylized head, and the sweater features eighteen stripes from the waistband to the cuffs. We make a 10 foot model for $99 and an amazing 20 footer for $199.

Flying Friend

Flying Friend

Note that you can arrange the legs to stand straight, or to kick up some fun! And you can choose the colors you want too. Now you never need to be without a friend of the beach.

Rainbow Diamond Tubes: Someone suggested we try our popular Diamond Tubes in a rainbow pattern. Thanks for a brilliant suggestion!!

Rainbow Diamond Tubes

We normally make Diamond Tubes in three or four colors. But the six-color rainbow design really jumps out of the sky.

Choose the convenient 20 footers for $25, the striking fifty-five footers for $75 or the incredible 110 foot Diamond Tubes for $130.

And if you need a lifter, read on! We're doing rainbow Pilots now and a variety of other colorful designs.

Rainbow Diamond Tubes

New Pilot Designs: Two weeks ago in the Update, we announced availability of new sail patterns on our most reliable parafoil design. We showed you some drawings and now we can show you a few kites.

New Pilot Designs New Pilot Designs New Pilot Designs

We've got the standard two or three color "basic" on the left, the "four-stripe" model in the center, and the "rainbow stripe" on the right.

Note that the stripes are made with contrasting keels. We can make the "rainbow" with black keels, or with an orange stripe and yellow center.

In the coming weeks, watch for examples of our diagonal designs as well.

Flag Foil: Most of you are familiar with the Peter Lynn Flags. But up until now, we haven't been able to quote firm prices.
Giant Flag

This remarkable new kite design was patented in 2003. The Flag/Quilt has no keels and is supported internally by through-cords rather than cells.

With one large chamber, it inflates quickly and holds it shape well. And for a kite of this size, it flies remarkably well.

The high-aspect ratio profile was specifically developed for flag application. We're quoting an American Flag but can do designs for other flags at comparable prices.

    Large (20 x 32 feet): $3250
    Medium (12 x 19 feet): $1200
    Small (6 x 10 feet): $400

Giant Flag

On a similar note, GKPI has some interesting news to report about the World's Largest Kite. Click here for more details.

Compression or "Crunch" Bags: GKPI is making them now and that means serious price reductions.

If you are traveling or pressed for storage space, Crunch Bags are the answer. They stand about seven feet tall but have three compression lines that allow you to squeeze down to about three feet.

Designed by Peter Lynn, the Crunch Bags will hold two large Octopus or a whole bunch of soft kites, line and laundry. The original price was $125 each, but the new model is just $50. They are the bag-of-choice for traveling fliers.

Crunch Bags

Order a Pilot, SkyFoil, or Shannon between now and Thanksgiving, and we'll give you something to be thankful for... 10% off on top of your AKA 10% discount. And just to be clear, that means 20% off for AKA members.

If you aren't a member yet, perhaps you should be...

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