May 1
KiteLife CD-ROM

We've got the brand new CD-ROM from!

KiteLife is the online kite magazine. The CD-ROM includes the first - 14 issues of, with over 1,000 pages of text, and over 7,500 graphics. Tips, tricks, plans, commentary, event coverage.... it's all in there.

The disc also includes almost an hour of video clips, from Flexifoil's "Power Trip" and Dodd Gross' "Flight School" videos. and animations of all AKA/STACK compulsory maneuvers.

The The KiteLife CD-ROM retails for $24.95 plus $3 for priority mail shipping. We've got them in stock and can ship immediately!

KiteLife CD-ROM

That's all for now! Read about all our adventures in China last week. Today, I fly out for Japan.

Someone has to do it...

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