December 15
Show Gear Mark Down!

Ugh. One of the problems with taking long trips with short stays is adjusting to normal sleep when you get home! And it doesn't help when the sun comes up late and goes down early!! Since our return from Egypt, I've been waking at four and falling asleep right after dinner.

It has been raining hard here in Oregon and blowing like stink! But we've been rushing out holiday gifts to regular customers, preparing for the Kite Trade Convention in January, and continuing to work on new designs and prices.

I promised something special this week, and here it is. We have a series of mid-sized Lynn's on the shelf or in our flying gear. Each is essentially brand new with prices ranging from $1000 to $1400. But thought the end of the year, we'll drop the price on each one by $250. This sale applies to in-stock kites only and is limited to the colors we have. But if you have been dreaming of a big octopus, gecko, bear, squid, cat, trilobite, ray, or penguin, now is the time to grab one!

Yellow Octopus Penguin Rainbow Ray Giant Cat

We also have some of the giant kites available. We've got a Bear, Octopus, Manta Ray, Penguin, Cat, Squid and Turtle. We'll take $500 off the list price of each of them, and $1000 off the Turtle and Squid..

Purple Bear Giant Squid Cool Turtle

If you are interested in any of these showpieces, give us a shout and we'll happily detail their colors and condition. Specs and flying information can be fount in our Peter Lynn Pages.

We're expecting our next G-Kites delivery in about ten days. That means the smaller Ghost Deltas, and Delta Conynes along with a few line laundry surprises. Sorry they won't make it before the holidays, but we will be able to ship orders before New Year.

I just got off the phone with Martin Lester in England. Next week he'll be sending me a shipment of the 10 foot Scuba Divers. I'll get two in blue and two in black. They don't come in often so if you want to pre-order one, let me know. For more details, check our Martin Lester Pages.

Also, Martin reports that he plans to make some middle size Divers just after the beginning of the year. I don't have prices yet, but if you are interested in one of those, let me know that too and we'll give you first right of refusal.

Lester Diver

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