December 22
New Pilot Designs

Pilot Parafoils are our most reliable -- and best selling - lifter So over the past few months, we've been working to spruce up our Pllot Graphics. We have the first batch in and got one afternoon of decent weather to take some photos. To celebrate, we're announcing a 20% off Pilot Sale through the end of the month.

Not familiar with our Pilots?? This is a big, stable lifter with large billowing cells that inflate easily. We offer a 50 square foot model or a hefty 75 footer. No tail or drogue is needed, although you can easily add one for looks. Click here to get a sense of the Pilot's size.

Pilot with Stripes
Four Color Stripe
with Black Keels
Pilot with Stripes
Two Color Stripe
with Black Keels
Pilot with Stripes
With White Top Sail
Pilot with Stripes
Four Color Stripe
With Black Keels and Wedge

Choose the design that works best for you. We produce a solid, two or three-color "Basic" sail, "Stripes" in two or four colors with matching or contrasting keels, a "Striped Wedge" pattern, or the daring "X-Wing". For brighter colors, you can add a white top-sail. Or you can mirror colors top-and-bottom for a bold look.

Basic Pilot Sails
Basic with Black Keels
White Top for Brighter Color
Basic with Black Keels
Top and Bottom Same
All one Color

Pilots have emerged as the one most significant and usable kites in every serious kiter's bag. Simple, stable, and straight-forward, Pilots aren't fancy, they are just effective. That's why people are calling them the "no-brainer parafoil".

If you don't have a Pilot yet, you are definitely going to want one. Trust me.
Pilot 50 as Lifter

Peter Lynn developed Pilots as "sky anchors" for his big inflatables. They go up easy and stay up in the strongest or lightest winds.

You can use them to help stabilize a larger showpiece, lift larger Spinsocks or inflatables, or heft cameras and instruments into the sky.

Be sure to check out our Pilot Kite Information

That's the news for this week.

We'll running up to Seattle to visit friends next week, and then jetting down to San Diego for a rousing Southern California New Year Fly in another week. Hope to see many of you there!

Susie and I wish all of you a warm, safe, and joyous holiday season.

Don't forget that we've got a year-end discount going on mid and giant sized Peter Lynn inflatables. Last week we announced we're dropping prices $250 and $500 on the big stuff. And because we're in a good mood, we'll extend that sale to not only the used show-gear, but also anything new you want to order. But you need to order before New Year!

For more details, check our Peter Lynn.

Lynn Gecko

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