December 29
Between the Holidays

Between Hanukkah, Christmas, the Winter Solstice and New Year, it is hard to come up with a lot to report. The past week has been exciting but frustratingly uneventful.

  • I can tell you that our kitchen re-model is ten days behind schedule. GE canceled our oven delivery to Lowes on Tuesday because of "the holidays". I told them that I thought the "holiday" was on Thursday the 25th, but that didn't seem to help.
  • Our big G-Kite delivery was scheduled for mid-December, but thanks to an Orange Alert, has moved through Customs a bit slower. We expect to have Ghosts, Sleds, Delta-Conyne, and lots more surprises for you next Monday.
  • And today's news is that our weekly Fed Ex product delivery was re-routed from Portland OR to Memphis TN because of snow. Actually we had a rare bright and sunny December day. But Fed Ex apparently didn't know that and sent the box 2500 miles East...

Our bright and cheery holiday news is that we took two days off and visited friends in Seattle. And that really was pleasant. But first, we made sure that all our shipments went out, because unlike Lowes and GE and Federal Express, we're committed to customer service.

Ok -- enough holiday grumbling!

Early Wednesday morning, we're braving snow and ice to catch a 7 a.m. flight out of Portland for sunny San Diego. We're planning two excellent flying days with our friends in the San Diego Kite Club and fliers from throughout Southern California. If you are in the neighborhood, please plan to join us! We have some fun things planned.

Swirl Crown

First, we're planning to unveil a new Crown Varient that rotates the classic diamond pattern into a diamond swirl.

Crowns are an exclusive GKPI design that are available in 13 and 25 foot diameters. Here's an advance photo taken at our factory. Watch for the maiden flight of the Big Swirl on New Year's Day.

We're also planning to bring a new Blue Meanie down to the beach.

This delightful inflatable was designed several years ago by Robin Parent of Montreal.

We convinced Robin to let us try a few refinements and make the design available to all of you. We're still working out a few kinks, but the Meanie is a definite winner.

Blue Meanie

And finally, we're planning to bring some of our new Dual Line Airplanes down to play in the sunshine. We've got the factory working on expanding the ten-foot design into a whopping twenty-foot wing.

Giant Airplane Prototype

I can't say I like the color of the prototype, but we'll have a big red one of these here right after New Year. The folks at the factory advise us to "stunt it with two people...."

So that's the news from here. Susie and I wish you all a safe, warm, and happy New Year. Enjoy your friends and family, and remember to live life well. And if you have an oven or dishwasher, count your blessings....

Don't forget that we've got a year-end discount going on mid and giant sized Peter Lynn inflatables. Last week we announced we're dropping prices $250 and $500 on the big stuff. And because we're in a good mood, we'll extend that sale to not only the used show-gear, but also anything new you want to order. But you need to order before New Year!

For more details, check our Peter Lynn Pages.

Lynn Gecko

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