January 11
Oregonian Headline

This has not been a pretty week. Severe snow and ice storms hit Oregon together with record lows for five days straight. When you put freezing rain on top of fresh snow, you get something like Kites on Ice in reverse. Trust me when I tell you that it was slick as snot outside. Highways, schools, stores, and even the airport were closed.

The result was no UPS, no Fed Ex, no international deliveries, and for one full day, no power. And since we are on a well, power outages mean we can't even flush the toilets!!

We've been waiting for a major G-Kite delivery that was delayed in Customs by the Orange Alert. It cleared just in time to get stuck in the ice fifty miles north in Portland. The interstate was closed and hundreds of trucks jammed parking areas.

We also lost a Fed Ex delivery of Premium Kites that some of you have been waiting for. And on top of that, we have the Trade Show starting Monday. Part of our display was due here last Tuesday, and we were even waiting for more paper to print catalogs on.

Traffic Jam Meanie

And that doesn't count the worry that flights might not be leaving the state. Portland International cancelled 1200 flights over the course of four days. Pretty scary!

The real fun part was that with ice coating the trees, branches began to break loose under the added weight. For a while, it was too dangerous to go outside as large boughs broke loose every few minutes.

Ice Storm

Skating on the football field

The good news??

Our kitchen got done. Took two weeks longer than promised but it looks great! So what if the power went out three hours later. We still kept going in with flashlights to admire it.

Thursday, things started to melt. UPS arrived, then Fed Ex, and finally, FINALLY we got a truck from Portland full of G-Kites. The pallets arrived here late Friday and we spent the evening in the warehouse sorting and stacking.

We've been expecting delivery for two weeks and many of you have been waiting patiently. But our first priority now has to be getting product ready for the Trade Show departure Sunday afternoon. Then we'll do our very best to get boxes on the way to all of you.

Meanwhile, we thought we'd give you a preview of our KTAI program.

We've got nearly 20 new banners in our Windfeather repertoire. And prices on most have been reduced for the new year. Order before January 15, and we'll take off 10% on top of the AKA discount. Click here to see the entire selection.

Old Glory Rainbow Stripe RWB Eagle Open Happy Birthday Monarch Dragon

Late Sunday night, we take the overnight flight to Florida for the annual Kite Trade Association Convention. Check back next week for photos of the newest products, and our sometimes controversial views on industry trends and developments.

Spiral Crown

Don't forget! Through January 10, we'll take $150 off big Crowns, selling them for $750 instead of $900, Or you can have a medium Crown for $450 instead of $550.

This includes the traditional diamond pattern or the new spiral sail.

Check our Bols, Spinners and Bouncers for more details.

And of course, you can choose style or color.

Just so they don't feel left out, we'll discount the Flying Friends 20% too -- in either the 10 or 20 foot versions..

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