January 26
New Jordan Airforms -- and More!

We are often asked if anything stood out at the annual Trade Show. And our answer is always, of course! All of our stuff stood out!!

But if there was any new news in Clearwater, it had to be the appearance of the new production line of Jordan Airforms.

Originally designed and crafted by Dean Jordan, the Airform is now being distributed by Jeff Howard and the Precision Kite Company in Texas. They put up a big show at the edge of the beach and drew plenty of attention.

Airform Show

Airforms are now available in three sizes -- 27, 50, and 100 square feet. Each comes complete with a pair of matching tube tails, compression bag for storage, and a sand anchor. The result is a kite which is stable, attractive, and fills a big piece of sky.

Airform Show

We plan to stock a limited number of Jordans in the most popular colors, and can order any of the standard designs. Custom colors are not available.

Delivery is subject to product availability from Precision Kite Company.

Call us now for best color choices. We'll be placing orders on February 5th. AKA discounts apply!

Size Length Width Tubes Colors Price
27 sq ft 6 ft 4.5 ft 75 ft purple, blue, red $200
50 sq ft 8 ft 6 ft 75 ft purple, blue, red, gold, rainbow $440
100 sq ft 12 ft 9 ft 100 ft purple, blue, red, gold, rainbow $750

Giant Airplane

What else was cool in Florida??

For the demo fly, we brought out our prototype 20 foot inflated airplane. This is a monster kite that took two people to hold down.

The smaller 10 foot "Fighters" can do loops and dives, but we decided not to press our luck with the "Big Bomber". There were too many people watching. But if you are planning on Kites on Ice, we'll bring it out again for another test flight.

And finally, Kurt and Bill from Windfeathers unveiled their spectacular new banner showpiece, Aire. This is a 35 banner display that stretches 100 feet across the field.

Aire Display

GKPI introduced more than 20 new Made-In-The-USA banner designs in Florida, most priced at under $200 including the pole, stake, streamers, and appliqued banner. Click here to check them out.

And yes, we'll have Aire at Kites on Ice too!

Here is something cool!

Our new G-Kite catalog features this great new 7 foot Delta Conyne in all the special colors -- Miami, Patriot, Rainbow, Warm, and Cool. But we forgot to also list the six primary colors! That means we won't be selling many to the stores...

But you can buy them here!

Delta Conyne

Our DC's are engineered to stack easily. That's what sets them apart from other similar kites. And the "Primary Stack" looks particularly good. At $55 each, that's $330 for the set -- less your AKA discount. But be warned, a set of these puppies pulls like a truck!

Retail stores take note -- they aren't in your catalog but we;ll be happy to sell you Primaries along with all the special colors.

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