February 2
Woo Hoo - and Catalogs Too!!

The new issue of Drachen Sport und Design just arrived from Germany. I opened the envelope and just kinda went "Wow!".

Susie wanted to know what the fuss was.

I told her that Pete Dolphin's streamer flags were on the cover. Oh yeah, and that we were there in front of them.... Guess I need to order extra copies for my mother now.

The ironic part is that this picture was taken at Kites on Ice a few years back. And Thursday morning, we're heading back to Madison for our sixth visit and what looks like the coldest festival there yet! Will someone please tell me -- are you supposed to wear short underwear under your long underwear??

Drachen Magazine

We've just finished updating the entire G-Kite section of our site. All of our newest low-cost kites, tubes, tails and accessories are now online. KTAI orders are shipping to your local stores right now, and already we've got new products in the design stage. Here's a hint -- watch for Big Beak, Big Nose, and Big Teeth this spring.

G-Kite Catalog Premium  Catalog Banner  Catalog

We've also added PDF versions of all of our catalogs for you to download. This includes all of our banners and the entire G-Kite series. The Premium catalog showcases most of our advanced line laundry and lifters, but not the really big stuff. And because we're constantly adding new inflatables, the catalog lags a bit behind the web page. But it still gives you something to print out and show your Mother-In-Law the week before your birthday....

This is also a good time to remind everyone that we're in the final stages of planning our Kite Tour of South Africa in September. There are 15 slots and 12 are filled. So if you are thinking about joining us, let me know now!

Gotta go pack all the cold weather gear. See you in Wisconsin on Thursday!

You still have a chance to own one of the first of the new Jordan Airforms.

We are placing orders at the end of this week. Don't hesitate! Email us now for best color and size choices. You can have the economical 27 square foot, the manageable 50, or the super 100 square foot kite with tube tails included.

Check last week's Update for all the details and prices.

Airform Show

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