February 17
Lots of New Stuff!

We had high hopes this weekend.

A package was supposed to be here last Thursday and we planned to get photos of all the new stuff for this update. But the shipment got caught in Customs for three days and then the rain came back . So we've got lots of new product to show off and no way to get good pictures.

Fine -- here are some old pictures - or non-glamorous factory shots - or shots of different sizes. You guys are smart and can figure it out. You'll just have to use your imagination....

Giant Jellyfish - We've just supersized one of our most popular line spinners. The Jellyfish contains six tapering cones -- each 15 feet long. The combined effect is a whirling helix of color that one spectator described as "fairies dancing in the sky." And now we've got four big options.

Giant Jelly
  • 15 feet - $85
  • 28 feet - $150
  • 40 feet - $225
  • 65 feet - $500

As soon as we get a chance, we'll publish photos of the big ones we just got.

Fluted Sled - It's an inflatable sled measuring 5.25 by 5 feet. No sticks or spars -- all fabric. That's just over 26 square feet of fun!

These aren't powerful lifters, but they are powerful fun. Its a good sized kite that you can stuff in your pocket, back pack or picnic basket. And it couldn't be easier to fly!

We stock rainbow or you can order custom colors. They come in a fabric bag for $80.

Fluted Sled
Waving Hand

Gimme a Hand! That's right -- we do hand laundry now.

And its a big hand too -- a full 7 feet long. Choose the solid or striped arm and the colors you think look best. We'll do them any way you like for $75 each.

This photo was taken at the factory but you can already see what fun the Waving Hand is going to be. And yes, the final version has a thumb...

As you can see, we've been busy pushing out new and creative shapes for Spring. Got something in mind that we can make for you and the rest of the kite world?? Don't be afraid to ask. We may say no, but we may also make you famous.

Star Baskets! Designed by our newest associate -- Jeremy Johannesen in New York.

The five-pointed pentigram star really bursts out of this rotating bol. The size is a manageable 8 feet in diameter and the price just $125.

Choose the patriotic red/white/blue, or let your imagination run wild on the colors. Custom requests are available at no extra charge.

Star Basket
Iris Spinner
Iris Spinner - not like the flower, but like the iris of your eye.

This is another big ground bouncer. It doesn't have the pull or power of a basket or parachute, but it still packs a colorful punch..

The Iris turns fast and you can loft it with just about any kind of lifter. It measures ten feet in diameter and goes for just $150

Mini Baskets! just like the big ones but smaller and cheaper.

We were asked to make a basket smaller so it didn't pull as hard. So here it is! I guess you could even use them for really small Bol races...

The Minis are 3 feet in diameter and go for $49. That's because they have just as many fabric segments as the big ones. And now you have a choice of 3, 6, or the hefty 10 footers for $49, $90, or $150.

Mini Basket

So that's the news -- six cool new designs and no break in the rain to take pictures. But we didn't do so badly with the images we had. See something you like?? Order in the next ten days and we'll take 10% off the list price, and another 10% if you are an AKA member.

Windfeather Sale!

These are our three most popular designs. Prices include the made-in-the-USA appliqued banner, RingMaster pole, anchor stake, decorative streamers and bag.

We're marking them down 20% each. Why? The bags are last year's model. Darn. That should make a huge difference to you... ;)


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