February 24
Rain, Rain, Rain...

February on the Oregon Coast is .... moist. I mean there is a reason this place is so green and lush in May. Its because we are under water most of March!

Giant Ghost

Several days this week, I've taken new prototypes down to the beach for testing. And each time, the winds were either too light, too heavy, or way too wet for any serious flying.

The good news is that our Giant Ghost handles light breezes very well. It measures ten feet wide and five tall - with 30 foot tails. The German-made original by Frank Schwieman goes for $400. The licensed GKPI model will be available in April for $150.

What are the differences? Frank's are carbon framed while we have fiberglass. We're using ripstop in the sail and taffeta in the tails. We'll stock black, white, blue, red, and purple. And ours will cost $250 less. Don't forget we already have the seven foot Ghost in stock!

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting to take new pictures. I've got the Giant Jellyfish which never got out of the bag, the new Waving Hand, another prototype of the Star Basket and most important, a new prototype of a hefty Parasled that is 7.5 feet tall and 10 feet wide. The kite is ferruled and tensioned so it breaks down into a four foot bag. Can't wait to test that puppy!!

St Placide Color the Wind-Iowa

Of course, I shouldn't complain about the rain. My good friends Jos and Kaatje Valke visted St Placide where the flying temperature was a brisk 20 below with 20 mph winds. Al Sparling had better luck at Larry Day's event in Clear Lake Iowa where it was merely freezing. I'm thinking one good ice fly a year is enough....

We do have a couple of pieces of news to share with regular readers.

Wind Bags

Two weeks ago we introduced the Wind Bag and offered a 20% discount if you ordered before the 20th. Susie and I had a serious talk about this fun piece of line art earlier today. She said that GKPI wasn't big enough for another Wind Bag and insisted we re-name it the Space Pod. Works for me!

And to celebrate the change, we'll extend the sale through the end of the month.

The other piece of news is about our mini Penguins and Ducks. They were a huge hit when we introduced them at $125 each. But now we can do even better!

We've shifted these two inflatables into mass production along with our 12 foot Octopus. You can have any of the three for just $70! And if you are an AKA member, we'll even take 10% off that!

Plenty are in stock for immediate shipment.

Penguin Flier

We've got one more weekend at home and then the travel starts. For March, we're planning the Zilker Park Festival in Austin, the Ft. Worden Kite Retreat in Wahington, the Oregon Indoor Kite Festival here in Lincoln City, and then a quick trip to DC for the Smithsonian. Hope to see lots of you out there!

Hope the rain stops soon too....

Before you know it, it will be beach flying time again. Are you fully stocked on Sand Anchors??

We just received a bulk shipment of the larger anchors that are now part of our G-Kite line at $9.99 each. They are perfectly fine except that they didn't come packaged with a fancy header card or poly display bag.

Like that matters to you die-hards...

Sock up while you can and we'll send you the anchors, sans fancy packaging, at two-for-$15. Offer good while supplies last!


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