March 2

Check him out!! Its a 46 foot mid-sized gecko -- but with SPOTS. So technically, he is more of a Salamander. Some people are going to think he is really cool -- and others are sure to hate him. What do you think??

Spotted Geckot

That's right -- we got a brief break in the weather and were able to take some new kites down to the beach. The wind was blowing like stink!

I'd been waiting ten days for this chance and had been to the beach four times with my camera, only to get turned back by rain, tide, or lack of wind. This time the weather was right. I set anchors, lofted the pilot, and aired out the gecko. And then, after just one picture, my camera battery went dead....

Fortunately a photographer wandered past and offered to email me a few shots. Thanks to Bryan Mullennix for the pictures, and for his help!

Giant Ghost

Friday we got a sliver of sunshine and I had gone to the beach then. High tides gave me only 20 feet of flying space, and the winds were pounding at 25 m.p.h.

Seemed like a perfect time to test the upper limits of the Giant Ghost.

Spars bowed way back, but nothing broke and the tails didn't twist at all! Success!! But I'll warn you right now that we are not warranting anything in winds over 20...

BTW - the Giant has a ferruled leading edge so it now breaks down into a 40 inch bag.

I also got out the new Mega Sled that everyone has been asking about. It measures 7.5 feet tall and 10 wide. All vertical spars are ferruled and come with tensioners at the top edge.

So imagine me on a few feet of sand, surf lapping at my feet, with winds blasting at 25, hanging onto a 75 square foot lifter while trying to take photos with the other hand. Woo Hoo!! The things I do for you Update Readers!!

Mega Sled

We are expecting delivery of the big sleds and ghosts in April.

  • Giant Ghosts will be priced at $150 and available in solids of all black, white, red, blue or purple.
  • Mega Sleds will be priced at $175 and available in rainbow (above), red/white/blue, red/orange/yellow, blue/purple/black, and of course, red/black/white.

Our next stop is Zilker Park for the 76th annual kite festival in Austin Texas. Yee-Haw!

We'll bring "Spot" along and see how the Texicans like him.

OK, Ok ... I know some of you are drooling over the Spotted Salamander.


The normal price of a mid-size is $1400. But order one before March 15, and we'll drop the price $200 to $1200. You even get to decide what colors you want...

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