March 15
Big News - Big Fun!!

They have charm and class. And Susie says they are cute too!

They're the "Big" Kites! Big Nose - Big Teeth, and Big Beak -- all scheduled for arrival in your local kite stores in April. They are the latest innovations from G-Kites, each designed by Charlie Watson.

Big Nose Big Teeth Big Beak

Look for retail prices under $20 with a complete How to Fly Guide and instructions. We're also working on a Big Mouth design, although Susie is balking at Big Boobs and Big Butt....

HiSky Delta Shadow Delta

Also keep an eye out for a new series of soaring Delta kites. That's what the stores told us they wanted so that's what we're making. We'll have the HiSky and the Shadow in 7 foot, and the bigger Dazzle in nine foot. Click on the links to see colors.

In April, we'll also see delivery of the 11 foot Giant Ghost and the 75 square foot Mega Sled.

If you want to sign up to receive one of these great kites, let us know and we'll put you on the pre-order list. Mega Sleds will be $175 and Giant Ghosts are just $150.

We'll have the Ghosts in white, red, black, blue or purple. Mega Sleds will be in the following:

  • Rainbow - red, orange, gold, yellow, green, aqua, blue, purple
  • Patriot - red, white, blue
  • Sunrise - red. orange, yellow
  • Midnight - blue, purple, black
  • GKPI Signature - red, black, white
  • Click here to see all the colors

Mega Sled

We'll bring a sample of the Mega Sled to Smithsonian in two weeks and then out to the desert for the Spring Break Buggy Blast. See you all there!!

Diamond Tubes

It is Tubular Tuesday here at Gomberg World Headquarters. And we want to share the thrill of it all with you!

Check out the best selection of tubes and tails in the kite industry on our Tube Pages. Order any of our big 100 foot tubes and we'll take 20% off the price. This offer is good through next Tuesday.

So I guess that means from Tuesday to Tuesday every day is Tube Day!

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