April 5
Spring Break Buggy Bath

For years I've been hoping to get down to the desert for the Spring Break Buggy Blast. And each year, a conflict with the big French Festival in Berck has made it impossible.

This year, Berck is scheduled two weeks later than usual. So I booked tickets, reserved a rental car and headed south on Thursday morning.

I arrived a hour ahead of the rain.

Park Sign

"SBBB" is the largest gathering of kite buggiers in North America. Over 100 had assembled on the dry lakes stretching across the California/Nevada border just outside Las Vegas. The setting provided an ideal riding surface across miles of uninterrupted desert. Winds were idea for fast racing. And the nearby casino hotels in Prim were just $29 a night with all the Prime Rib you could eat for just six bucks more.

But when it rains, the dusty lakebeds become a soft, soggy, slippery mess.

Buggy Wash Wet Buggy Festival Fliers Skinner Buggy

I hit town Thursday night and by Friday morning, the lakes were closed and organizers were struggling to transport vehicles and equipment off the lakebed while doing minimal damage to the fragile ecosystem.

Buggy Parking

On the edge of the hotel parking lot, laughing fliers were scraping mud off their buggies and strapping them to vehicles for the trip home. They had been playing all week so only slightly regretted the loss of the final weekend. And besides, everyone knows that when the winds stop and the rains begin, its time to sit back, tell stories, and drink beer....

Buggy Parking Buggy Parking Buggy Parking

Me?? I changed my return ticket to Saturday night and flew back to Oregon. Our container of G-Kites had finally been released by Customs and Homeland Security so we had plenty of boxes to pack for Monday. I think Susie appreciated having me home early.

We'll wish the buggy folks a drier fly next year. And I'll be in France so they won't have me to blame.

PL Flag Kites:The samples have just arrived and been tested. They fly great! And that means we are ready to take orders.

This amazing "pillow-foil design revolutionizes the whole idea of foils since it has no cells, no keels, and minimal bridles. A complete USA flag is appliquéd on both sides in lightweight ripstop. The size is 5 by 10 feet and a 6 foot spinning drogue is included with each kite.

Flag Foil

Flags are priced at $300. But for Update readers who want to be among the first to fly one, we'll take 20% off all orders between now and April 15.

Space Sock

Giant Space Sock: We thought a 130 foot tube tails was pretty big. But we've been asked to make one even bigger. No problem!

Our Space Sock, normally with six 20 foot sections, has been expanded to ten sections. The opening is larger to let more wind in. And the price is a mere $200. How many would you like??

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