April 11
New Kites - Complete with Tree Repellent!

We've added a fantastic series of new kites to the KiteMaster's Guild. Check out....

The Complex Cellular Creations of
Dan Flintjer
Great Prices and Good Stories Too...

Kites Shown Below:
Flying V | Constellation: | Single Back | Double Back | Triple Back | Custom Codys

Dan Flintjer of Buffalo, New York, has a remarkable kite history. He started "Tethered Aviation Enterprises" back in 1983 making an ingenious box kite known for taut sails and quality craftsmanship. Thousands of Buffalo Codys were sold in retails stores and at one point, by Dan himself, door-to-door.

Imagine some fellow showing up on your doorstep with an armload of kites and the pitch to go with them....

 Single Back

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Flying V: This one is really cool!! It's a "Ram Air"cellular kite that produces a good solid tug.

The design stands over 5 feet tall and spans nearly 8 feet. It flies on a 2 point bridle

If you are looking for a new and unusual kite for lifting, and crowd appeal, consider the Flying V. Its totally unique and a great value at just $250.00

In the early 90's Dan sold the box kite business to good friend Mike Decker also of Buffalo. He than began to focus on larger kites and formed the Buffalo Cody Kite Company. Nearly 1000 of the big custom Codys have been made since then. Each is individually hand crafted in Dan's workshop and the result is a flying piece of artistry with drum tight sails.

Constellation: Check out the triple rudder and you'll understand why we call it the Constellation. The wide wings and tail have a dramatic aircraft appearance.

She measures about 8 feet across and stands 6 feet tall on her apex.


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For the past 2 years, Dan has been designing an original kite he calls the "Variant". The rear cell can be set either of 2 ways and can be constructed one, two, or three cells across making a rear section four to 12 feet wide. These are in turn connected to a choice of several top sections ranging in wingspans from 11 to 17 feet.

The "Variant" possibilities are almost endless. We've posted a few of the more popular designs here.

 Single Back

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Single Back: Some people prefer just one cell on the bottom. It looks different from the double and either way flies perfect. By turning it a 90 degree turn it has a completely different appearance.

The kite measures 5.5 by 7 feet and sells for $199. Again, everything is sleeved, and each cell is held open by one point after the spars are inserted.

Dan also sews "wooden" battens in place to give each kite an "olden aviation look". Someone once said they resemble a little bit of "Leonardo DiVinci, Sam Cody, and a touch of Buck Rogers".

Double Back: Cellular forms evolve by combining elements. In this case, the kite contains a pair of base cells and a Cody top section. The result is called "Double Back".

The kite measures 5.5 by 5.5 feet. Again, everything is sleeved, and each cell is held open by one point after the spars are inserted.

The price of a custom Double Back is $300.

 Double Back

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In the fall of 1985 Dan was getting numerous complaints from customers whose box kites had caught in trees. This put a damper on repeat sales and a solution had to be thought up quickly.

Contacting some old friends at Kodak and Dupont in the Western New York he explained the situation. What they came up with was the world's first "Tree Repellent" -- a clear opaque liquid that when sprayed on lightly, made the treated kites resilient to trees and shrubs of all varieties. Since the introduction of "tree repellent" there has not been one complaint of a tree snagging one of Flintjer's kites. Dan now treats each and every one of his custom kites with "tree repellent" This secret chemical concoction will go with him to his grave.

And now you know why he was able to sell kites door-to-door...

 Triple Back

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Triple Back: This one is a favorite. It has 3 drum tight cells that can have either a longer one in the middle or two longer outboard cells with a shorter one the the middle. (The photo shows the shorter middle.)

The top is a Cody type section with narrow side panels that fly's fantastic and draws a lot of attention. The kite measures 6.5 by 9.5 feet.

Each kite is created with lots of hands on labor. Tree repellent and a bag are included for $499.

Today Dan Flintjer is the "Assistant Director of Education" at the Niagara Aerospace Museum in Niagara Falls, New York. He travels to area schools all over the Western New York Region and works with kids in grade school to college level students spreading his love of kites and model building techniques to countless young minds and faculty alike.

Dan still makes his kites one-at-a-time. He's been sewing for 30 years and has completed more than 30,000 pieces. Maybe he can make on especially for you!

Custom Codys: Flintjer Buffalo Codys are unique. All side panels are "parallelograms" giving the kites an unusual "swept forward" look that makes them appear to be "flying" even while being set up on the flying field.

Sleek single piece lower wings create much more lift and eliminate the look of bare front sticks that show while flying. A sturdy lightweight fiberglass frame runs throughout Dan's unique system of hidden sleeves and pockets. This ensures "drum tight" cells and wing areas.

Fine tuning, squaring and tightening are accomplished by sturdy "bead tensioning" lines stretched over a hand carved nock system at each upper wing tip.

Giant Cody

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The 'smaller' Cody is 14 x 10 x 5 feet and sells for $1200 in a solid or two-color version. The larger wing is 16 x 12 x 6 and sells for $1700. Custom appliqué designs like the one shown are available on special request.

Despite the larger size, these are one-person kites for set-up and flying. They perform in moderate winds of 8 to 16 mph using a 2 line, 16 foot bridle. 1,000-pound test flying line is recommended.

And to top it off, all are treated with Dan's brand new "power line repellent" formula.

PL Quilt

PL Quilt: Remember this unique Quilt Kite from Peter Lynn? It is the first and so far, only one in North America. But we haven't been able to give it as much air time as it deserves. Maybe one of you can....

This is a big chunk of fabric - as any of you who have seen it know. It is used. But the original price was $1750 and we're letting it go now for $999. Let me know if you are interested.

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