May 14
New Spinners and Books

We are continuing to develop new products.

Our latest is called the Three Legged Drogue. It is about three feet long, and as you might imagine, it contains three cones that connect together at the top. The neat thing is that the design allows it to rotate! The other neat thing is that they are priced at just $15 each!!

We stock standard colors in the Drogue but also can make custom colors for you on a minimum order of three pieces.

Three Legged Drogue
Click on the photo for a short movie.

Here is some more really good news..

Visit the KiteLines Bookstore and you will see that Kites by David Pellham is finally back in print. This is a must-have book for every kiter. Often called "The Bible", the new edition is practically unchanged from the original 1976 classic. Includes plans for more than 100 kites, plus solid, well-researched and -written aerodynamics and history. Order direct from KiteLines for $15.95.

And tell 'em we sent you.

Kites by David Pellham

Regular Customers have been asking what we mean when we say "custom colors". Sometimes they ask for rasberry, chartruse, or coral. We can't do that...

Finally, we put together a color chart from our factory showing what our standard colors are. "Custom" means any combination of these...

Available Colors

Please note that actual colors may vary slightly by dye-lot and based on your computer imaging.

Susie and I head for Grand Haven, Michigan next week. We hope to see a lot of you there. And if not, we'll be in Wildwood new Jersey the weekend after. You can't avoid us forever... ;)

Talk Soon!

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