May 11
G Delivery!

We should be careful what we wish!

Our latest delivery was behind schedule because of increased security on all imports. We've been wanting it to get here. But when the freight delivery vehicles pulled up in front of GKPI Headquarters Monday, the real work began.


We have a warehouse full of kites! And yes, we're filling back-orders this week to get long-awaited new stuff out to you!

Check out the Dazzle Delta -- 9 feet wide and 4.5 feet tall. That's over 20 square feet of flying fun! And what a great price on a big kite -- just $40. We've included two permanent nylon tails and GKPI Flying Guide to help you learn more about kiting.

Dazzle Delta

The new "Big Series" aren't large kites. They are just large fun!

Big Nose Big Beak Big Teeth

Check out Big Nose for $24, or Big Beak and Big Teeth for $19. Each kite is 3.5 feet tall and comes with a fabric bag.

Big Beak

And we have two cool new 7 foot deltas for $20 each. Choose the traditional Hi Sky design with six colorful panels. Or try the more modern Shadow Delta with stripes framed in a bold black border. Click here to see the four Shadow color combinations or the five Hi Sky choices.

Hi Sky Delta Shadow Delta

The news everyone has been waiting for is word that we're fully stocked on Ghost Deltas

Ghost Deltas

The G-Ghost comes in two sizes

  • The Standard Ghost is seven feet wide with 20 foot long tails for $70.
  • The Giant Ghost is 11 feet wide with 30 foot tails for $150.
Both are available in red, blue, purple, black, and classic white with a sturdy fiberglass frame and fabric storage bag.

Our other big new arrival is the Mega Sled -- especially designed for lifting windsocks, tubes, and line art!

This 75 square foot para-sled is a strong, reliable lifter for all your kiting needs. It measures 10 feet wide and 7.5 feet tall. Use it to fly big tubes, inflatable line decorations, or larger spinners. Anchor other inflatable kites below. The Mega Sled won't let you down!

Mega Sled

The Mega Sled is available in five different color combinations and goes for just $175. Choose from Rainbow, Sunrise, Midnight, Patriot, or GKPI Signature.

Mega Sled

So with all these new designs, and plenty of the old ones on hand, we're packing and shipping all this week. Let us know if you see something you like, or ask your local retail store to load up!

We'll be here through next weekend and then off to Grand Haven. Check back next week when we unveil two new kites -- one from Dan Flintger and another from Rolf Zimmerman.

Have fun out there!!

Mid Gecko

Mid Size Gecko: I've got a very hot red and yellow Gecko sitting on the shelf. But he'd be much better in the air on your flying field. How do we make that happen??

The list price is $1400, but we'll take $250 off if you give this 45 foot monster a new home.

This offer is only good until the red gecko goes.

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