May 17
Two New Kites

I promised you two new kites this week. And these two could not be more dramatically different. One is a spectacular framed creation from cellular master Dan Flintjer. And the other is a delightful inflatable from Rolf Zimmerman. Look them over and tell me what you think.

Rolf Zimmerman's Owl is delighting audiences across Europe. And we're delighted to be able it offer it now in the States under an exclusize license.

This new kite measures six feet tall and about ten feet from wing-tip to wing-tip. He is completely soft with no sticks. The wings 'flap' in flight and the body undulates.

Zimmerman Owl

Original Zimmerman's are selling for about $700, but we have been authorized to present the GKPI edition for $500. You can have the first in your choice of red, yellow, blue or purple.
Click here for an image of the entire kite.

Triple back Variant

Now here's the other surprise. It is a Triple back Variant with appliqued Chinese characters. Dan Flintjer made this up special. Graphics were designed by Monica Fleth.

This monster measures 17 feet across the top section, 12 foot across the base, and is 14 feet tall. The Chinese Variant comes in two separate sections which are constructed independently before the entire kite is assembled.

This special kite is obviously not for everyone. But if you can't live without it, the price is $2000. The characters wish everyone "good luck". Click here for an another view of the kite.

It is unusual to spend a Spring Weekend here at home. We're nearly caught up with shipments from the last delivery and it feels good to relax with the Sunday paper.

Of course, the news can often be distressing. A front page story reports inflation has hit about 4% this year. Gasoline is up 31% over last year while UPS and Fed Ex charges have increased about 12%. AKA members know that insurance, when you can get it, has increased 9%. And even a common pizza is 10% more than last year. Those are all critical components of the GKPI package -- especially the pizza!.

But in spite of it all, we have not increased prices on any of our products in the past five years.

We're off to Grand Haven in a few days to fill the Michigan skies with color. If you're in the neighborhood, come say hello!

Owl Kite

Zimmerman Owl: We're testing prototypes on this new inflatable. Want to help us??

As we mentoned earlier, the standard price is $500. But buy one in the next ten days and we'll take off 10% and another 10% for AKA members.

All we ask is that you fly it and let us know what you think.

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