June 29
Right Here in Lincoln City

I got my start in 'serious' kite flying on the beaches here in Lincoln City. I mean, I'd always been a kiter. But at some point, you progress from having fun to really having fun. I made my transition at the D River Wayside at their first annual Fall Kite Festival 26 years ago.

Heck - we even ended up moving here!

Beach Banners

Lincoln City events have been through some ups-and-downs over the years. So it is particularly gratifying to see them flourishing again with the support of the City Visitor Bureau and some good solid local volunteers. There is a new attitude, new money, a great list of invited guests from around the region, and a growing crowd along the seawall to watch and enjoy the fun.

Lincoln City is located right on the 45th parallel - half way between the Equator and the North Pole - where North America meets the Pacific. The experts tell us this makes for perfect flying conditions with nothing to interrupt the off shore breezes but the Hawaiian Islands several thousand miles away.

Cool LC Kites Cool LC Kites Cool LC Kites

Fliers arrive early to grab prime parking spots so they don't need to carry gear far. And for the rest of the day, traffic streams in and out of the wayside area adjacent to Coastal Highway 101. Big kites mean big visibility on a summer weekend.

Cool LC Kites Cool LC Kites Cool LC Kites

Highlights include Sport Kite Demos, a Kid's Parade (led by Ben Franklin), and Teddy Drops. On Saturday, Carl Bragel was named People's Choice for his performance with three kites.

Kid's Parade Bragel Show

When our turn came in the main arena, we recruited a team from the sidelines as kite anchors and lofted a giant Teddy Bear for the crowd. It is always fun to send folks home with stories about the giant kite they flew. Too bad the winds were light or we could have given them a better story!

Octo Show Teddy Anchors Bear and Ray

We also launched a pair of Octopus on Saturday and brought out the Giant Caterpillar on Sunday. One nice thing about being close to home is that you can haul a lot of fabric around, change the shows over night, and sleep in your own bed in between.

Lincoln City has big plans for their Fall Festival on October 9 and 10. It is the weekend before the AKA Convention which this year, will be right up the road in Seaside. Convention begins Monday night so people are invited to come a day or two early, and enjoy the event here too. Call the Visitor Center at 800-452-215. AKA members qualify for a drawing for free hotel rooms during the weekend. oh, and there will be a party at the Gomberg's on Sunday night.

Dale Ray Show

It looks like we are home for the holiday weekend, and then fly out to beautiful Newport Rhode Island for a festival at Brenton Point. Hope to see lots of you there.

Star Spinner

Patriotic Spinners It's a red, white and blue weekend. Why didn't we remember we had these sooner??

Earlier this year, we brought in two cases of these cool lawn spinners. We have a box of red and another of blue. They are designed with an anchor stake to decorate your garden.

Our idea was to thread a flying line through the spoke and use them as really cool line laundry. But of course, we never got around to it. So that means you can get some and decorate either you yard or your kite.

What's an irresistible price?? How about three for $25. Offer is good ten days. Operators are standing by!!

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