Basking at Brenton Point!

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Newport Rhode Island is a pretty cool place to hang out.

You've got the tall ships, yachts and historic harbor. You have all those fancy mansions. You have the beautiful people lined up to get into matches at the Tennis Hall of Fame. And you have the Newport Kite Festival.

It's a long way from home. But year-after-year, Susie and I head back in early July for one of the best kite events in the country.

There are a lot of things that make Newport special. First you have the magnificent vista at Brenton Point Park. The grass flying fields stretch down to the rocky edge of the water. Then you've got the fliers. Some of the best on the Eastern Seaboard gather here. You have the event organization which encompasses world class sport kite competition, single line shows, excellent Fighter Kite matches, and a tense Rokkaku battle.

And then you have a large and relatively polite crowd who wander in awe among all the kites and lines. Finally, you have a steak and lobster banquet and one of the few fields on the Atlantic oriented so you can watch a sunset over the water.

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King Dolphin Holds Court

The featured guest this year was Pete Dolphin. Pete's 15 foot red, white, and blue Casaggne Crown fascinated onlookers and Pete never tired of explaining that it was this year's AKA Member's Choice but lost Grand Champion by one 40th of a point.

At the end of the day, the kite floated 500 feet above the field, as solid in the sky as the sun that was now drifting toward the horizon.

The Gomberg's traveled 'light" to Rhode Island, choosing to fly mid sized kites in the tight space rather than our typical giants. That let us showcase more pieces like the Geckos, Owls, Meanie and Ghosts.

It also meant packing up was easier this year so we didn't have to rush back to the hotel for showers before dinner.

Thanks to Steve and Sue of High Flyers for presenting another super event. Thanks to all the friends we spent time with. And a special thanks to Eric Larson who won the prize for flying a Gomberg Kite the longest of any we saw over the weekend.

Patriotic Flying Show

A shipment arrived last night with three new prototype line art designs. Check back next week to see the Lightening Bolt, Cubes, and Loops.

We've got another rare weekend at home, and then off to Berkeley. And then we are shopping for tickets to Liberty and Rehoboth. See you out there soon!

Weekly Special for Update Readers!

We're marking down one of our most popular pieces -- the shimmering Streamer Flag

Streamer Flag

Use it as a tail on your favorite kite, as line laundry, or to add a whole new dimension to sport kite acrobatics. Streamers are configured with tabs you can use to attach them to kites, and with an open seam so you can insert a stiffener for different applications.

Streamer Flag

We have two sizes -- seventy-five feet long for $35 or thirty-five feet long for just $19. But through the 25th, we take 20% off on your choice of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, or black.

Streamer Flag

And don't miss the Ultimate bag Sale detailed on last week's Update.

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