Four Excellent New Designs

Earlier this week, I got down to the beach with a couple of cool new designs. It was a fine flying day and I'm just estatic with the way these pieces look. Check them out!

And just to keep things interesting, we'll take 20% off on orders for any of these four pieces placed before the end of July.

Lightening Bolt: Electrify your kiteline with this colorful piece of line art.

Lightening Boldt

Choose rainbow, or design something more personal. We'll make them any way you like! The remarkable zigzag shape holds firm in the wind

Bolts are ten feet long with six colorful sections. You can get one for $25 or three for $60.

Cube Tube: Squares with holes cut out of the middle?? Outrageous!!

The standard Cube Tube has three squares - each about 18 inches long. With the opening and tail, total length comes to about 15 feet. But if you want to add more squares, its no problem! Pick your colors and let us know what you have in mind.

Cube Tubes

The basic three-section Cube is $40. Each additional secton is $10.

Life Savers

Life Savers: -- you know -- like the candy with a hole in the middle??

Our LiveSaver Tubes are based on a concept by Chain designer Andrew Batchelor. You get three circles in the basic package for $40, or can add more for another $10 each. Click on the photo for a larger view.
Licensed & Protected Design by S. Oswald

Rotating Spikey Balls:

What could be better than an undulating Spikey Ball hanging from your kite or line?? A bigger Spikey Ball that rotates!!

We've beefed up the new balls to about 1/3 larger and added a vented scoop to the front. They turn smoothly in the wind and draw even more attention.

Rotating Spikey Ball

The overall size is now 4.5 feet in diameter (including spikes) and 18 feet long. We can make them in any color you want. We've got this exclusive design priced at $70 each. And don't forget that regular Spikey balls are now just $40.

In the next few weeks, we'll be flying in Berkeley, the Liberty Kite Festival in New Jersey, and and our annual informal show in Rehoboth Deleware. Hope to see you out there!

Weekly Special for Update Readers!

Last weeks spoecial was so good we're going to do it again! We're marking down one of our most popular pieces -- the shimmering Streamer Flag

Streamer Flag

Use it as a tail on your favorite kite, as line laundry, or to add a whole new dimension to sport kite acrobatics. Streamers are configured with tabs you can use to attach them to kites, and with an open seam so you can insert a stiffener for different applications.

Streamer Flag

We have two sizes -- seventy-five feet long for $35 or thirty-five feet long for just $19. But through the end of July, we take 20% off on your choice of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, or black.

Streamer Flag

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