July 26


Somestimes we get to go exotic and interesting places. We fly kites in China, Japan, Thailand, across Europe, and down to South Africa.

Sometimes, we travel around America seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and sharing the joys of kiting.

And sometimes we just stay home and paint the deck

Between now and the end of October, we have plans to do nine festivals or shows in three continents. The Gombergs are holding tickets for Berkeley, Liberty, Rehoboth, Long Beach, then Dieppe and down to Cape Town. We then do Lincoln City, then the AKA and finally Atlantic Beach.

We're gonna be pretty tired by November! Heck -- I'm tired already!!


But it is going to be a wonderful Fall filled with adventures and excitement. Stay tuned for lots of news after the deck dries.

Zimmerman Star

Despite the travel, we continue to bang out new designs and improve old ones.

Remember the inflatable Star Foil by Rolf Zimmerman? We've updated the face design and tweaked the bridles. The kite is 7 foot from point-to-point and includes a 20 foot fuzzy tail. We can make them in any color you like.

Up until now, the price has been $300. But we've improved that too. You can now get a Star for $250. And for reading the Update, we'll take off another $40 if you order before the 10th of August.

New Star

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