August 4
Octo-Pile in Berkeley!

15 Octos!!

Fifteen Octopus in Berkeley? Really?? What an outrageous, amazing, spine-tingling show!

Well, actually we didn't really have fifteen. I couldn't help playing a bit with the photos to see what it might have looked like.

We only had eight. Only eight!! That's the most giant 90 foot Octopus I'm aware of ever being gathered in one place. And you know what? It was an outrageous, amazing, spine-tingling show!

Gathering giant kites is no easy feat. But the Berkeley "Kite Wranglers" have worked hard the past few years to present the largest collection of inflatables I've seen anywhere. Herding similar pieces just adds to the fun.

In this case, Octos were contributed by Mike North, Dave Hoggan, Joe Tait, Tom McAlister, Dan Whitney, Gayle Woodul, and the Gombergs.

And interestingly, this was the second major event this year to feature a school of Octopus in their Logo. Click here for a closer look..

Octo-Pile Helpers

The weather all weekend was dark and overcast. Bumpy winds didn't make the task of flying big kites in a compact formation any easier. But by late afternoon, each day, we were able to get the entire collection airborne. The upwind file was a mass of anchors, lines and hardware.

Kite Wranglers Kite Wranglers Kite Wranglers

While the giant kites were the most obvious show, the Berkeley Kite Festival offered plenty of other attractions as well. The West Coast Sport Kite Championships ran at the waters edge Saturday, followed by fighter kite contests on Sunday. Kitemakers gathered to showcase their creations. Buggies swarmed over the nearby hills. Demonstrations filled the schedule in the main field all weekend. Manufacturers offered lessons on dual and quad maneuverable kites. And late Sunday, 13 year old Jason Bell cut me down in the Rokkaku Battle....

Dinner Cruise Dinner Cruise Dinner Cruise

The Berkeley Festival concludes with a dinner cruise on San Francisco Bay. Food is great, the vista is spectacular, and no one leaves before my speech...

Gomberg & Gomberg

We're on the front end of a serious series of trips that include Liberty this weekend, Rehoboth, the weekend after, and then Long Beach.

And remember the office will be closed three weeks in September while we sojourn off to Dieppe and then South Africa.

We'll be on email and even check phone messages. But we won't be shipping much.

Eagle Rokkaku

Gom-Kaku: Here's a kick-butt cool rokkaku that is perfect for fighting or for fun.

The bold image may look familiar. And we'd be proud to have you fly it.

The "Gom-Kaku" is fully appliquéd, six feet tall, and light framed so it will stay in the sky when the opposition is struggling to stay aloft. All corners are encased to minimize tipping points. And our unique o-ring tensioners keep the spine secure and make sure the sections don't get lost when you fold it up.

We normally sell our limited-edition appliquéd roks for $175. Even the stock designs from other folks go for $90. But we're offering this extraordinary kite at an extraordinary price -- just $80 to Update readers!! So give us a call and we'll put our colors in your sky.

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