Jislaaik!! Better Pasop! We're headed to to Cape Town South Africa in September. That means the office will be closed from the 9th to the 28. Jawelnofine. Now, now -- don't tune us grief. We'll be back to send you all kinds of lekker goodies in the mail and have a skop, skiet en donner Update for you too!

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August 17
Charlie and Me

The forecast was daunting on Thursday. Hurricane Charlie was landing in Florida and then turning up along the coastline. Our annual beach show in Rehoboth was right in the line of fire. But we checked with our hosts, Bee and Rachel at Rehoboth Toy and Kite, and they said we should come anyway. The worst that might happen is that we'd get rain, drink wine, and tell stories. So Thursday at 10 pm, Susie and I boarded the all night flight and headed East.

CNN Update

Actually, we ended up with an hour and a half of the best flying weather we've seen all season. Saturday morning was delightful. We lofted the Giant Ray with a host of new deltas and inflatables until the lifeguards ran us off at 10 am.

The plan was to come back at 5 and fly until it was too dark to see anything. But by then, the wind had evaporated. When the rain started that night, it never stopped.

Beach Fly Big Kite Field Beach Fly

So what did we do?? Drink wine and tell stories, of course. Bee's favorite was the kids in Spain all dressed in rain slickers, hard hats and goggles, running around the field with butterfly nets. Click here to see the Barcelona Egg Drop Competition.

Monday we stuffed bags back in the car and headed for the airport. By bedtime, we were back at home. That leaves today, Tuesday to catch up since I'm headed for Long Beach tomorrow. Susie will join me Friday.

If the sun had been shining, we would have had great flying fun!! But we had fun anyway with some wonderful friends. We look forward to next year when we can fill the beach in front of the store with a show designed to stack folks up at the cash registers.

Zimmerman Star: Did you spot the Smiling Star we had out in Rehoboth?? Trust me, that smile is contagious!!

Tri Pillows

The seven foot Star is normally $250. But we'll take off $40 if you buy one before the 25th. For more details, check our Affordable Showpieces pages.

We're also marking down Triple Pillows this week. Choose any of the standard rainbow colors and take 20% off the stock price of $30 each. The deal is good through the 25th if you remember to mention the Update.

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