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August 24
A Wet Weekend In
Long Beach

For more than 20 years, kiters have been gathering the third week of August in Long Beach Washington for one of the largest and most successful festivals in North America. And this year, we had the wettest weekend I can ever remember.

The festival runs all week. I arrived Wednesday. By Friday it was drizzling and Saturday it poured. Ever fought a rok battle in the rain! Too much fun!

The skies may have been wet, but friendships were warm and spirits un-dampened.

Wet Gecko

WSIKF Panorama

It's the Washington State International Kite Festival!

But a closer look suggests that it is actually three festivals all going on at once.

In the main arena, demonstrations and competitions run throughout the week, supported by the sound system, and music and huge encampments of banners and tents. Mass ascensions fill the skies daily. Hand-crafted kites are judged on Wednesdays. Sport kite ballets entertain on Saturday.

A quarter mile south is the World Cup of Fighter Kites -- a week long series of contests, combat and camaraderie.

Most spectators never get down to see these small maneuverable wonders. But the flying is spectacular with some of the very best fliers in the country gathered to pursue trophies and bragging rights.

Fighter Field People

Finally, on the north end, separated from the main arena by a sandy road and a hundred parked cars, the open flying area boasts large inflatables, show kites, tubes and tails. Lawn chairs line the sand as fliers watch their gear, their anchors, and unattended children.

Show Kites People Show Kites Show Kites

Show Kites People Show Kites

WSIKF People WSIKF People WSIKF People

More than anything else, WSIKF is fun.

How else do you explain lawyers, and cops, and engineers all wandering around in public dressed like this?

If you get a chance to come to WSIKF, don't miss it! There is something for everyone and all of it is good. Remember -- third week of August each year.,

Next week I'll try to post some highlights of the hand-crafted competition. Meanwhile, it is still raining in Oregon and Susie and I are working hard to prepare for our upcoming trip. Check back and we'll tell you all about it in the Weekly Update!

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