Jislaaik!! Better Pasop! We're headed to to Cape Town South Africa in September. That means the office will be closed from the 9th to the 28. Now, now -- don't tune us grief. We'll be back to send you all kinds of lekker goodies in the mail and have a skop, skiet en donner Update for you too!

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August 30
Two New Kites Contest

The hardest thing about introducing new kites to the market is not the design challenge - although that is hard enough. The really hard part is deciding what to call them. You need to be interesting, exciting, and fun. But you also need to properly describe or communicate the image, function, or dynamics of a new piece. You need to give folks a sense of how it will look or what it will do. And of course, you also need to be careful and not use a name already taken.

Maybe you can help...

New Delta Panorama

Later this year, GKPI will introduce two new deltas. One will join our series of seven foot wings that come complete with fabric tails and a flying guide for just $20 each. We already have the Shadow and the HiSky. This new one looks even better! And then, as a step up from the nine foot dazzle delta, we have a dramatic new wing that looks like it came right off George Peters drawing board.

Here's a look-see....

7 Foot Delta

Our first kite is a seven-foot delta with a black center section and 16 radiating color bars. The pattern looks like sun bursting through the clouds.

We're planing three or four color variations. Each comes with matching fabric tails and our exclusive How-To-Fly Guide. We'll also be making a neat 18 foot variation with an open keel and shock-corded spars for easy assembly. We'll me calling the big on the "Magic" Delta. But we need a different title for the smaller model.

Our second kite is a lightweight 11 foot wing in bright colors with black accents. The trailing edge has a loose flap to add stability.

If you are familiar with the work of Colorado kite artist George Peters, you'll quickly see where the inspiration came from for this piece. We have plans for four different color variations. But we don't have a name....

11 Foot Delta

So spew some creative juices and send us some names! If we choose your suggestion, we'll send you one of each kite. Fair enough??

Meanwhile, Susan and I continue to prepare for our extended September trip. But instead of packing and flying off to some rain-drenched beach, we spent the weekend like normal people. Saturday we cleaned and gardened; Sunday we drove to Portland for two parties -- a 25 anniversary, and then a 50th Birthday party.

So this is what it feels like to wake in your own house on a weekend!!!

Star Tube

Star Tube!! Here is a new toy for your consideration. And we already have a name for it. We call it the Star Tube.

The stars are made from six pieces of bright taffeta. The standard design is in rainbow, but we can make them any color you like. Choose a tube with one, two, or even three Stars!

Tubes are a bit smaller than our Star Pillows, and because the construction technique is different, they are also much cheaper. Choose a 1 Star for $20, a 2 Star for $25, or the 3 Star for $30. They are eight, nine, and ten feet long.

As an introductory special, order in the next 10 days and take 20% off.

Star Tube

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