May 31
Another Fantastic Wildwood

I'm trying to remember when I first went to Wildwood. I think it was 1989. Fran Gramkowski came on the microphone to announce that a storm was headed inland and would hit in 25 minutes. We hid under the boardwalk as heavy winds and thunder swept the field. Later that day, fliers and judges stood ankle deep in the water. We washed the sand from our kites in the hotel pool. And at dinner, the grease that ran off Uncle Lou's chicken was clearer than the brown drinking water...

I was hooked.

Kite Field Panorama
Click here for a short movie of the flying field.

I've come back to Wildwood every year since. The flying is breathtaking and the people there are always good company. The owner at the Rio Motel sees me once a year and still calls me by name. Mike Dalmer and the South Jersey Club roll out a fantastic welcome party. The single line spectacle gets larger every year and I got to judge amazing stuff at the indoor competition. Guys half my age run away from me in the rok battle. Then they even let me get on stage with Jason Benedict to have some fun and squeeze money out of our friends at the auction.

So after all these years, how can you not love Wildwood?

Kite Field Panorama
Click here for another short movie of the flying field.

Weekly Speciual for Update Readers!

Jack Rogers unveiled our first ensemble set of Flag Banners in Wildwood. They were an unqualified hit!

These are 16 foot banners that come complete with the pole, anchor stake, storage bag and streamers. The eight-piece set normally sells for $1000, but until June 15, we will reduce that by a hundred-fifty bucks for Update readers.

You can also buy one single flag banner (like the one on the left) at the normal price of $250. And again, if you mention the Update, you can take 20% off until June 15.

Check out all our our Windfeather Banners. With more than 50 different designs, I'm sure we have something for your field.

Flag Banners
Click here for a short movie.

So I'm home now, and it looks like I'll be able to stick around for a few weeks. Check back next Monday for news on some new products. See you then!

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