Jislaaik!! Better Pasop! We're headed to to Cape Town South Africa in September. That means the office will be closed from the 9th to the 28. Now, now -- don't tune us grief. We'll be back to send you all kinds of lekker goodies in the mail and have a skop, skiet en donner Update for you too!

Need some quick Africaan lessons? Click here and you'll be talking like a real Boet in no time! Jawelnofine...

September 7
Long Beach Reprise

I had plans to head downtown this week and get photos of the GKPI Japanese Rokkaku exhibit in the local outlet mall. But the managers could't find a key to let me into the room!!

Photos through the window just weren't going to be good enough.

With the Update in peril, I was beginning to think you'd have to settle for pictures of Susie and me packing for our upcoming trip. But then a disk arrived from Rick White full of fantastic Long Beach Photos.

Update Saved!!

Long Beach Sky

Long Beach is an eruption of color, a menagerie of sky art, and a generally good place to be. The fields are larger than Wildwood, assertions rival AKA, and the show kite field has more variety and square footage than even Berkeley. As this pictorial demonstrates, Kitemakers are drawn to the week-long event to showcase their latest creative efforts.

 Long Beach Sky  Long Beach Sky  Long Beach Sky

As exciting as these pics are, and they really are awful nice, most of you are probabaly windering how our "Name the Delta" Contest turned out. All week long, we've been getting suggestions.

 Long Beach Sky  Long Beach Sky  Long Beach Sky

For the smaller kite, some of the suggestions included A Little Magic, Color Burst, Moon Burst, Moon Ray. the Northern Lights Delta, Fish Tail Delta, Radian Delta, Solstice Delta, Fireray, Starburst or Sunburst, Rubicon, Cantri" (meaning small spell or minor magic), Radiance, Scintilla, Evening Breeze, The Storm, Radiant Star, Radiation Therapy, and Sunny Susan. I think the last one was a blatant (but unsuccessful) attempt to get more than 10% off on a Super Sled.

 Long Beach Sky  Long Beach Sky  Long Beach Sky  Long Beach Sky

On the lager kites, proposals included Sun Ray, Sunrise, the Lightning Bolt Delta, Indian Sunrise, Delta Dawn (can't get the song out of my head now...), Achiever, Aztec, Inca, The Shazam, Diamond Delta, Sunshine, Nightshine, Eruption, Kascade, Patlani (to fly), and Tototl (bird).

 Long Beach Sky  Long Beach Sky  Long Beach Sky

In the end, Susie and I settled on Radiant for the smaller kite. That suggestion made first by Jim Fielder, and soon after Mac Carder, Dacosta Barrow, and Judy Agner - who gets honorable mention for Radiation Therapy as well.

For the larger kite, we settled on Shazam. That name was actuially submitted by two readers, Todd vest, and later by Dennis Ische. So when we get kites in alter this Fall, we'll be rewarding all of you with a first-run model of your own!

Oh -- the rest of you get kites too. But you have to pay for them.....

 Long Beach Sky  Long Beach Sky  Long Beach Sky

It is late Tuesday now and in about 28 hours, we'll be heading for the airport. Departure is scheduled for 3 am Thursday morning. First stop is the huge international event in Dieppe France. Then we connect with the rest of the "Troopers" and travel on to Cape Town South Africa. Checking mail along the way will be a challenge, but also a priority. And we'll also find time between the kiting, sightseeing, and socializing to post regular Updates. Stay tuned for kite news!!

Auctioner in Action

Have I got a deal for you!

We recently brought in a Mid-Size Peter Lynn Fugu. And as long as a box was on the way, it made sense to order two and save some shipping costs. But now I have an extra one that needs a home.

These bouncing Fun Puffer Fish are 13 feet tall and about as much fun as you can stuff in a kite bag. The list price is $2000. But I'll take $250 off for the first person to email me.

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