October 11
Remarkable Weekend in Lincoln City

I've been flying kites at Lincoln City festivals for over 25 years. The number frightens me a bit. Can it really be that long??

After returning from Cape Town just a week ago, the Gombergs have finally begun sleeping 'normal' hours. Waking at three am and working until ten at night helped us get caught up but it wasn't much fun. Then Thursday, we drove the five hours up to Seattle for the Drachen Foundation ten year anniversary celebration. We got home Friday just in time for the opening of the Lincoln City Fall Festival.

LC Guests LC Guests LC Guests LC Guests LC Guests

With AKA starting Monday night, there was quite a crowd here in town. Featured performers included Peter Lynn and Jenny Cook, Martin Lester, Scott Spencer, Bill Farber, Ray and Rosemary McCully, Scott Skinner, Jose Sainz, Lam Hoac, Bill and Meg Albers, Al Sparling, Vaino Raun, Mike Gillard, and a plethora of out-of-town guests and local fliers. Not bad for a little festival that was struggling three years ago!

LC Guests LC Guests LC Guests LC Guests

The local paper did a story last week and mentioned us as contributors and sponsors of the Bol Races. But their spell checker ran rough-shod over "Gomberg" changing it to "Gobbler". I'm not sure I liked that.

Swimming Pilot

One of the festival highlights was the new Peter Lynn Fish. (Check our Dieppe Update for a photo..)

With winds light in the morning, the big inflatable was up and down. But when the Pilot dropped into the D River, Peter and I needed to act quickly.

The "River" is officially listed as the shortest in the world and runs only two feet deep. But a 75 cubic foot parafoil in running water is a recipe for disaster. We waded in and dragged it to shore.

How come every time Peter run into trouble, I get wet??

By mid-afternoon, the winds came up and kites filled the sky.

LC Kites LC Kites LC Banners

Sunday night everyone gathered at the Gomberg Homestead for food, drink, and story-telling. Not only did 100 good friends drop by, but they brought beer too! And now it is one in the morning and we're still cleaning up since we need to leave for Seaside by nine on Monday.

Stay tuned for convention news!!

Herald Kite

Herald Sale!

We're marking down our unique Herald for the Convention. Stock price is $49 but we're taking 25% off. That means you can have one for just $37!!

Available in red, yellow, blue, purple, or aqua -- all with black tails. Email us and we'll put one aside for you!

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