October 19
27th Annual AKA Convention

I'm just back from the AKA Grand Nationals and Convention. This year, it was held just up the road in Seaside Oregon. And I must have had a good time because I'm exhausted and ache all over.

For those of you not familiar with this annual gathering of the kite clan, let me tell you that it is a week long program of competitions, exhibitions, workshops, meetings, and parties. And for those of you who are familiar, let me tell you that this was a good one. Of course, things always look a bit different from the perspective of the guy on-stage.

Auction Banquet

We had about 400 registrants in Seaside from throughout the USA and Canada. Other nations repesented included New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, England, and India. The prestigious Edeiken Kiteflier of the Year award was presented to Lee and Sue Sedgewick. Betty Hirshmann received the Ingraham Award for service to the AKA. And the Lee Toy Kite Art Trophy went to Robert Trepanier. The Annual Auction raised over $34,000.

Octos on the Beach

And me?? I had the honor of being elected for an ninth term to lead one of the most creative, committed, and fun-loving Associations in the world...

The AKA convention isn't about statistics and trophies, and elections. It is really about people. Seaside was an amazing collection of all kinds of wonderful people. Unfortunately I was running around too much to take a lot of good photos.

For daily reports, competition results, and commentary from a non-presidential perspective, visit KiteLife.com or the AKA site.

Meanwhile, we're scrambling to get caught up again, and getting ready for yet another trip. This weekend we'll be flying with the WACKOS (Wings Across Carolina Kite and Okra Society) in Atlantic beach North Carolina. Come join us!

New Book of Kite Prints
from the Drachen Foundation!
Japanese Print Book

GKPI is pleased to be the first to offer the exquisite new Japanese Kite Print Book from the Drachen Foundation. This is a 230 page, full-color 'coffee table' book that also serves as a fine reference on the art of wood block prints. The hardcover text measures 10 by 12 inches.

"Japanese Kite Prints", by John Stevenson was announced at the AKA convention. We have a limited supply and will ship you one for the introductory price of $50.

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