October 27
A Big Time at Atlantic Beach

For about fifteen years now, the good folks at Kites Unlimited have been organizing a festival in Atlantic Beach to celebrate the end of the season. I've been privileged to go five times. This time they invited Susie instead, but she insisted I come along anyway.

AB Kites AB Kites AB Kites AB Kites

For those of you not familiar with how they talk in North Carolina, a "big" time means big fun -- good friends, fine flying, and plenty of food. Storms of the past few years had eroded the beach down to about fifty feet of sand. But we still put up a show and then laid bets as to who would go swimming for their kites first.

AB Kites AB Kites AB Kites

The limited beach proved ideal for Bol Racing. The "Running of the Bols" is something Susie and I concocted several years back in Berkeley. It involves strapping contestants onto our ten foot Baskets and letting them run upwind. The result is slow-motion pandemonium that drives the crowds wild.

Bol Racing! Bol Racing! Bol Racing!

Our hosts, Don, Jeri, and Brett Dixon provided a welcome setting. The Bay Area Sundowners, who have attended for about ten years, delighted the crowds with tight flying in limited space. Other performers included Al Sparling, Mike Agner, the Jim Martins (2nd and 3rd), The Kites Unlimited crew, and all the fun folks from the WACKOS (Wings Across Carolina Kite and Okra Society).

AB Kites AB Kites AB Kites AB Kites

Gusty winds on Saturday and a light drizzle on Sunday challenged us all, but we made the best of everything.


Sunday night we gathered at the Dixon's for a traditional Pig Pickin' Party. And then Monday we began the trek home. We're grateful to Kite Unlimited for a good weekend. And with plans by the Federal Government to restore the beach this winter, an even bigger show should be in store next year.

I had thought that the flying season would end for us in Carolina but a last minute invitation has be jetting off to Japan the day after the election for a meeting of the Japan Kite Association in Hammamatsu.

It is a quick trip, but promises to be a good one. Meanwhile, we have a series of new line art and accessories to show you next week. Check back on the Update for details!

Streamer Flag

Single Streamer Flag: These are our most popular pieces and we're marking them down. Why?? We've made a change in our packaging and now have some left in the "older" bags. Like that makes a big difference....

List price on the 75 foot Streamer is $35. But 20% off drops that to $28. The 35 footers are marked from $19 to $15. Here's what we have. When they are gone, you get the new bags -- and the higher price.

  • 75' Purple - 0 left
  • 75' Green - 0 left
  • 75' Orange - 7 left
  • 35' Black - 5 left
  • 35' Yellow - 3 left
  • 35' Purple - 0 left
  • 35' Orange - 1 left
  • 35' Blue - 0 left
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